How to talk to that GameStop girl

Mar 24, 2014

As a female who just left GameStop after two years of service, I feel like it might be time to help out some of you gamer guys and gals trying to win the pixilated heart of a “player 2” at your local game store. Most of these tips are going to be based on personal experience as well as from stories of other employees, while some will be just on my opinion. Either way, take this as a suggestion play book the next time you muster up the courage to talk to her. Otherwise Mario, you might find your princess in another castle.

1. “Do you actually game or did you just need a job?”
This is NOT the way to find out if she is there just to get you to pre order 20 games or if she actually knows what paragon and renegade means. I have lost count of how many times I was asked this question while working at GameStop. This is super offensive and you will always be looked upon as a douche bag to that employee. Saying it while trying to smile to make it seem like playful banter will just make it so much worse. You basically just asked her if she collects trophies in her free time or if she was a trophy to show off to your friends. Classy move, bro.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask her some of the same questions she’s asking you.
If you happen to get her attention, use it to your advantage. Say that you don’t know what game you’re looking for and ask for suggestions. Usually, she’ll ask for what kind of games you like and then start suggesting some like it. You can take this as an opportunity to ask what games she usually plays. This isn’t as creepy as it sounds, I promise you. It is our job at GameStop to greet people on the floor and make suggestions. It’s even in that survey she circles on the receipt that you never take.  (Editor’s note: As a former employee of GameStop, I always take the surveys… so if you work for GS and you’re reading this: remember that.)  If you find out she is playing a game you like, have, or are currently playing, feel free to express how you like it and ask what console she plays it on.

3. Gamertags before phone numbers is socially acceptable in this situation.
Honestly, it really is less creepy than asking for her digits. If you feel like you have that opportunity to get her number, you can try, but if you want to build up that trust and friendship level a little, I’d go with gamertag. Grant and I swapped gamer tags, then went to Facebook, and then phone numbers. We even worked with each other and still took the long way around! The one thing you can bank on having in common (if you have the information to back it up) is gaming! Kill some camping noobs on Call of Duty with her! Chainsaw some zombies! Heck, if it means you’re picking up a pre-owned copy of Little Big Planet just to return it at another store within a week, do it!

Her boss’ boss reads those comments and sends the comments to the entire district of stores every month! If you give her a perfect score and write about how awesome she was at everything, it really goes a long way. Be sure to use her name and put some depth to it. Don’t just put “Megan was amazing! She did everything right!” Actually take the time to write about the customer service she gave you. Not only will she possibly win an award, but “Megan” just might remember who the person writing it is based on the information provided and thank you the next time you’re in.

5. Creepers aren’t even wanted in Minecraft. 
Look, it’s fine to stop in now and then, but NEVER show up every day at her work just to say “hi.” First off, she won’t always be there. GameStop schedules are made week to week. There is nothing in stone. So, chances are she won’t be there every day at 10:30. However, her co-workers will be and they will call you her “stalker” and you bet she will hear about it. In other words, if you want to avoid her hiding behind the counter or in the back room when her co-workers give her the signal, then don’t come in every day. You won’t even be welcomed in the friendzone at that point.

I could have picked other things to add to this list, but I wanted my points more focused on being a female employee at GameStop.  Saying that you should see if there’s a ring first, if she’s taken, make eye contact, and don’t objectify her should just be common sense items. Being a girl and a gamer shouldn’t make her a “unicorn.” There are so many nerdy girls out there! Get to know her and see what makes her really stand out. Don’t talk down to her and definitely don’t call her “sexy” in that first, second, or tenth conversation! Have confidence and be genuine. It just might go a long way.

**GWW is not responsible for the outcome of the suggestions in the article.**