Tarantino Restates Desire To Make 30’s Era Gangster Flick; Would Likely Focus On Bank Robbers

Jan 13, 2016


IGN was able to get ahold of some new quotes from writer-director Quentin Tarantino about potential future film projects, he recently doubled-down on making ten films before retiring to make television mini-series and writing novels. He reaffirmed previous talk about making a 30’s era gangster film, again invoking famous real-life turned bank robbers from that era that got the cinematic treatment.

“I think I’ve done all the ones that I’ve had a burning desire to do” he explained. “A couple of things left that would be fun is I like the idea of doing a ‘30s gangster movie, so like Dillinger or Bonnie and Clyde kind of stuff. That’d be kind of cool.”

Originally, he named Pretty Boy Floyd as a starting point reference for his ideas for the picture. In these new quotes, adds icons Dillinger along with the duo Bonnie and Clyde. He also mentioned a film based on old Hollywood, but this gangster film has been talked-up for years and could be one of his four or more scripts he’s confirmed to have completed.

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This could open the door for a female co-lead, rather than a mostly all male lineup like in Sergio Leone’s Once Upon A Time In America. Tarantino idolizes the final film by Leone, it focuses on a group of young Jewish hoods from New York that become a major crime players during American prohibition. I could also see him taking cues from Brian de Palma’s (another director Quentin greatly admires) Scarface and The Untouchables, the former was an updated adaptation of the 30’s film based on Chicago gangster Al Capone.

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His Hateful Eight actor Channing Tatum played Pretty Boy Floyd in Michael Mann’s Public Enemies. Tatum’s role was ultimately cutdown in the final edit, and didn’t get to shine as you’d might expect. Now that he’s worked with Tatum if he needed a young American actor in this flick it would be hard not to think of Tatum.

This could also be the project he gets to work with Jennifer Lawrence, after she met for the Daisy role in Hateful Eight but had to turn it down. We know that Lawrence is itching to work with more big-wig directors now that she’s stepping down from the X-Men and Hunger Games franchises, she’s already lining-up her next project with director Darren Aronofsky.

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The pair almost playing brother and sister did happen, so pairing them in another Tarantino film wouldn’t be a crazy thought to have. Even more so with the Bonnie and Clyde reference he made in this interview.

Would you rather see Tarantino tackle this over another western?


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