Team Trauma: Teen Titans #1 (Review)

Oct 26, 2016

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5494810-0btt_cv1_open_order_varTeen Titans #1
DC Comics 

Written by: Ben Percy
Art by: Jonboy Meyers

When readers last saw this new group of Teen Titans, Damian Wayne had successfully kidnapped his new teammates. As mentioned in the review for the Rebirth issue, readers didn’t know why he was pulling the team together, but readers of the solicts for upcoming issues did. Ra’s ah Ghul is coming for Damian. Writer Benjamin Percy provides readers with the rationale for Damian’s action in this issue. Damian decides he needs a team to hold back his father and Robin’s lead the Teen Titans. Hence a new team of Team Titans is formed… or at least captured.

The Rebirth issue served as a setup to this issue and left a number of questions. Damian captured his new teammates to make a point. Individually they are weak, but combined they are strong. Granted most super heroes would have found a different way to make that point, but Damian and his lack of social graces takes the direct kidnapping route. Readers do not get anything resolved in this issue and the team is still just a group of angry Teen Titans. By not glossing over the lack of trust and awareness from the individual members toward each other and Damian, Percy continues to cultivate a challenging team dynamic that will give him narrative room to explore.titans-go

Jonboy Meyers’ art strikes a nice balance of youthful energy of the Titans and edgy shadows of Damian. His style matches well for a team of young, colorful heroes. The inclusion of Damian’s Robin brings a darkness to this group that it hasn’t had in the past. Meyers provides a wonderful subtle vulnerability to Damian during his interactions with Alfred. Alternatively, Meyers illustrates a powerful show of strength from Starfire. Percy and Meyers capture Starfire’s power and history in these pages in a way that should not leave doubts about the positive direction they are taking her character.

Percy and Meyers capture the promise and potential of this new group of heroes and this series. Damian states, “Over the past few years the Teen Titans have been losers, criminals — a joke. But we could do better.” This is not just Damian’s pitch to his new team, this line is Percy’s pitch to readers and fans.

No joke. This new Teen Titans series is shaping up to a wonderful book with a lot of potential. Percy’s statement through Robin’s words is more than a pitch, it is a promise. In spite of the initial trauma, these Teen Titans are go!