The August RT Box from Rooster Teeth has arrived!

Aug 29, 2016


Every month Double Gold Members will receive a RT Box that will contain items from some of your favorite shows featured on This is the first RT Box since it’s debut at RTX in July.

This month’s RT Box has a back-to-school theme. I’m a teacher, so of course some of these items came in handy.


Items Included (I’ll also include some of the descriptions Barbara Dunkelman used in the description card that was included):

  • Pencil Case
  • Pencils
  • Rooster Teeth Lunch Box
  • Double Gold Tag (Key Chain)
  • Mirror (Screw Attack Logo)
  • RWBY Sticker Sheet
  • Rooster Teeth T-Shirt
  • Rooster Teeth bracelet
  • Free Game Codes from Screw Attack!

The Pencil case features the Lets Play logo and inside are Funhaus, Screw Attack, Achievement Hunter, Kinda Funny and Cowchop pencils. I had to share one of the descriptions Barbara Dunkelman used to describe the Pencil Case, “A case for all your emotions about being an adult and dealing with life”.

The Rooster Teeth Lunch box was a really cool item. This isn’t any type of flimsy plastic lunch box, I was actually impressed by the quality. The front of it features the Rooster Teeth logo.
Barb’s description of the item in four bullet points:

  • “A cooler for your beer when you go on a picnic”
  • “A cooler for your beer “
  • “Cooler beer”
  • “Beer”

The double gold key chain is made of rubber and has two stars on it to represent your Double Gold status.

It took me to figure out the Screw Attack Mirror was actually a mirror, sadly. I thought it was a refrigerator magnet. :/
Barb’s description: “Reflecting sunlight into the eyes of your enemies.”

The RWBY sticker sheet included a stick for each of the main four characters of the show, Ruby, Weiss, Yang and Blake. Ugh, I can’t wait for this show to come back already.
Barb’s description: “A photo you can use when your parents ask if you have a girlfriend yet”

Also included was a super comfortable and super red shirt with the Rooster Teeth logo on it.

Included was a Rooster Teeth rubber bracelet that I probably won’t wear because who wears these anymore? But it does look cool and I’ll most likely hang it somewhere.

Finally, my husband was pretty quick to go claim these, but the RT Box came with FREE GAMES from Screw Attack! What are those games you ask? Well First game code is Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures. The second code was for the AVGNA Soundtrack and the third code was for the game called Disorder. All redeemable through Steam.

Thanks Rooster Teeth!