May 30, 2020


The Avengers #33
Marvel Comics

Story & Art by: Jason Aaron & Javier Garron
Colors by: Jason Keith
Letters by: VC’s Cory


The mystery of Moon Knight and his powers from the Egyptian God Khonshu have had multiple interpretations over the decades, but never has Moon Knight demonstrated the power that Jason Aaron provides him with here. Aaron starts this new arc off with Moon Knight attacking various Avengers and serving an unknown plan of Khonshu. It is a fast moving issue that jumps from battle to battle, but succeeds in providing an emotional investment for the story arc.

Marc Spector, Moon Knight, has taken on multiple personalities through the years and those personalities are reflected in his battles through the issue. The taxi driver persona, Jake Lockley, steals Ghost Riders car. The elite millionaire persona, Steven Grant, takes down Dr. Strange. Both honor the character’s history, while not leaning into the mental illness depictions that were frequently part of the character. Moon Knight’s confrontation with the Iron Fist mentions this history and Aaron portrays Spector in being in complete control.

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With the rise of the largest supermoon in a million years and the return of Khonshu, Moon Knight’s control over his powers are at a peak. This power is exercised in his defeat of Thor and control over Mjolnir. But while Moon Knight appears to be collecting powers for Khonshu, there is still reservation as he declines to kill Black Panther and hints at betrayal.

Aaron’s script moves the fights from hero to hero and Javier Garron’s art makes the most of these confrontations. Garron’s art constructs a frenetic martial arts ballet with the Iron Fist. This opening battle sets the emotional tone for the issue and creates momentum into the smaller confrontations. The tight personal hand to hand combat is escalated to a galactic confrontation with a god. The final battle with Thor on the moon provides Garron the opportunity to play with scale as Moon Knight uses other moons to defeat Thor.

The beautiful book-ended battles are given panels and pages to breathe and invest. In comparison, the other confrontations feel rushed and reduced in importance. Aaron’s pacing of this ideally builds the threat of Moon Knight, but it ultimately feels too quick and contrived in order to push the story forward. The desire to slow down the confrontations is a testament to how successfully realized the artist team constructs them.

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The opening chapter of this arc raises the stakes and makes it personal for the Avengers, while providing hints at some twists and deception for Moon Knight and Khonshu. Aaron and Garron pace the issue well and provide readers with a reason to return for the next chapter.

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