The Beginning of the End is Here As We Get Our First Look At “LOGAN”

Oct 20, 2016

After literal years of rumors, speculation and teases, we have finally been given our first peek at Hugh Jackman’s last installment as the famed Wolverine in LOGAN. Director James Mangold returns to helm Wolverine’s final chapter and has been teasing fans for months with black and white images from the set, giving us a sliver of an idea on the film’s tone and purpose. These image not only gives us our first taste of the movie but also introduced us to its cast including a much older Professor Xavier and a mysterious tuxedo-ed man who bares a striking resemblance to X-Men villain Arcade.

These beautiful and cryptic images were all leading to the reveal of LOGAN‘s first trailer. Given all the images we were teased with I honestly felt we were going to get a black and white superhero film, a ballsy choice for a studio who has been criticized for playing it safe. Alas my hopes were dashed as the trailer opened but what came next was possibly the next era in superhero storytelling. Fox studios the company who owns the X-Men and Wolverine franchises hasn’t always made the best choices when it comes to the superhero films (Fantastic Four, X3, X-Men Origins Wolverine) but after the successful of Deadpool it appears Fox has let lose the reigns and is allowing creators to tell their story.

We don’t get much in the from the trailer other than subtle hints at the plot and our first real images of the world, its inhabitants and villains. But what we do see is something beautiful, different and dark. With the introduction of a child and the dire state of mutants, Professor X and the Wolverine himself this looks to be to darkest of the X-Men movies and unlike his X-Men counterparts that’s exactly what The Wolverine needs to be a great film. Much like Batman he is a haunted character and more so than ever LOGAN looks like its going to shed light on that dark-side while giving us a road trip western starring everyone’s favorite bad ass.

LOGAN maybe a bitter sweet endeavor for everyone involved and if this first trailer is any indication of what the actual film will be in could be Hugh Jackman’s greatest portrayal of the character in his 16 years of playing The Wolverine.

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