The Best of 2011

Dec 16, 2011

2011 was one of the best years for gaming. We had a difficult time evaluating all the great games we’ve played to find a true champion. In an effort to not take the frustration from our deliberation out on you, we decided to skip platform and genre specific awards. So below is our top 5 best games of the year. You’ll immediately notice these are all sequels or spiritual sequels. An impressive feat in an industry that rarely sees a good sequel. Enjoy our choices and let us know

5. Skyrim: Although Skyrim succeeds in several areas, we felt the various performance issues held it back. There is no denying the incredible undertaking behind this game. And the many improvements made over Oblivion to simplify the story and character management.

4. Dark Souls: It’s almost as challenging to summarize Dark Souls as it is to play it. Had it been released in any prior year, it may have been that year’s GOY, or at least a higher finish than 4th. We had to hold it back from higher honors because the difficulty has held a lot of people back from playing it. The game is beautiful, engaging to those who brave it, and extremely rewarding.


3. Batman: Arkham City: I’m not sure what else to say about the latest Batman game. It’s deep, fun, and adds more to the player’s understanding of the Dark Knight than even the recent movies have. It’s a great game that will make you feel like a man himself.


GOY Runner Up: Uncharted 3: This was a difficult decision for us. This is the best story being told this generation, and arguably the best ever. Naughty Dog continues to surprise us at every turn, while combing a fun adventure game and great characters. A must-play for 2011.


2011 Game of the year: Portal 2

Having finally made the decision, it feels good to declare Portal 2 as our choice for best game for 2011. It’s the one game this year my wife actually enjoyed watching me play, and I think would play herself if she wasn’t too proud to admit it. Great story, pacing, and oh man you don’t even use a gun. If you haven’t played Portal 2, stop reading and go get it. In fact, I’m going to stop typing and play it myself. Peace 2011!