The Bikeriders Release Date: What You Need to Know

May 29, 2024

The Bikeriders Release Date: All You Need to Know

Jeff Nichols will direct “The Bikeriders,” which will open in theaters on June 21, 2024. It stars Austin Butler, Jodie Comer, and Tom Hardy. This much-anticipated crime drama looks into the rough life of a motorbike club in the Midwest, exploring themes of loyalty, change, and the bad side of biker culture. 

Filmed in Cincinnati, Ohio, “The Bikeriders” looks like it will have great acting and an interesting plot. Fans and reviewers alike can’t wait for this movie to take them into the dirty world of motorcycle gangs.

What Is the Name of the New Biker Movie Coming Out?

A group of bikers riding motorcycles on a road together.

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Jeff Nichols is directing the new movie “The Bikeriders,” which stars Austin Butler, Jodie Comer, and Tom Hardy, among others. The movie, which comes out in theaters on June 21, 2024, is about a motorbike club in the Midwest and how it changes into a more dangerous gang. “The Bikeriders” looks like it will be a great crime drama with an exciting plot based on real events.

Key Cast and Crew

Director Jeff Nichols: Nichols is known for telling stories in a unique way, and he uses that skill in this made-up story based on real biker gangs.


  • Austin Butler as Benny
  • Jodie Comer (Killing Eve star) as Kathy
  • Tom Hardy as Johnny
  • Michael Shannon in a key role
  • Production Companies: Focus Features and New Regency

What Is the New Movie About the Bikeriders?

Back view of a biker wearing a "Vandals Chicago" jacket.

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Kathy gets involved with Benny, who is a member of the Vandals, a biker club in the Midwest. “The Bikeriders” follows them. The movie looks at themes like loyalty, change, and the dark draw of the biker lifestyle as the club turns into a more dangerous gang. 

The movie shows the rough side of the biker culture of the 1960s and the problems that its members had with each other and with the outside world.

Themes and Genres

  • Crime and Drama: The movie shows the rise and fall of the Vandals by mixing crime and drama.
  • Transformation: The story is about how the club turns into a dangerous underground.
  • Loyalty and Betrayal: Key ideas that move the story forward are loyalty and betrayal.
  • Cinematic Style: It’s known for telling intense and honest stories, like Nichols’s other movies.

What Is the New Biker Movie With Austin Butler?

A biker standing alone at night, looking contemplative.

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Austin Butler plays Benny, one of the most important characters in “The Bikeriders.” His performance as Benny gives the movie more depth by showing how he changes from a loyal club member to a key player in the gang’s bad behavior. 

People are really looking forward to Butler’s performance, especially since he has recently done so well in other big roles.

Austin Butler’s Career Highlights

  • Previous Roles: He is best known for his parts in “Elvis” and “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.”
  • Butler in The Bikeriders: His role in this upcoming film gives him a new playing experience and shows how versatile and deep he is.
  • On-Screen Chemistry: Butler’s performance is supposed to be one of the best parts of the movie, along with those of co-stars Jodie Comer and Tom Hardy.

With a complicated plot and a great cast, “The Bikeriders” looks like it will be a great addition to the movies coming out in 2024. Be sure to watch the bikeriders video and mark the release date on your calendar.

Is the Biker Movie Coming Out in 2024?

Two bikers sitting, talking, and smoking by their motorcycles.

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The movie “The Bikeriders,” which was directed by Jeff Nichols, is set to come out in theaters on June 21, 2024. 

People have been looking forward to this new movie for a long time because it gives viewers exclusive access to the inner workings of a motorcycle club in the Midwest. A lot of people are talking about this movie at film festivals, like the Telluride Film Festival.

  • Official Trailer: The official trailer shows how powerful the drama and action are that people can expect.
  • Release Schedule: It will be shown in theaters in both the US and the UK on the same day.

Anticipation and Expectations

“The Bikeriders” has been getting a lot of attention because it has a great story and a group full of big names. The story of the movie, which is about how the club turns into a more sinister gang, looks like it will keep people interested.

  • Ensemble Cast: Featuring Jodie Comer, Tom Hardy, and Austin Butler.
  • Director Jeff Nichols: Known for “Midnight Special” and “Shotgun Stories.”

Where Was Bikeriders Filmed?

The movie “The Bikeriders” was shot in many places, but Cincinnati, Ohio, was the main setting. This place was picked to accurately show the Midwestern roots of the made-up story based on true events.

  • Cincinnati, Ohio: An important filming site that makes the story seem more real.
  • On-Site Filming: Scenes were filmed in real places to catch the spirit of biker culture in the 1960s.

Behind-the-Scenes Insights

Director Jeff Nichols and actors like Norman Reedus and Boyd Holbrook have talked about what it was like to film in these places. The choice of shooting locations was very important for giving people who are usually seen as outsiders in the area a more human side.

Cast Experiences

  • Tom Hardy and Jodie Comer both liked how real the scenes were.
  • The realistic setting helped Austin Butler’s performance as Benny.

Why Are the Bikeriders Delayed?

There were delays in the release of “The Bikeriders” because of problems with the production. Even with these problems, the cast and team worked hard to finish the movie without lowering its quality.

Production Hurdles:

  • Shooting plans are being affected by the weather.
  • Coordinating when the ensemble group can be available.

Adjustments and improvements

During the delays, the filmmakers worked on improving the movie, which led to a polished final result. For the original group’s story to stay true to itself, these changes were necessary.


  • Action scenes with Damon Herriman and Norman Reedus have been improved.
  • Added more details to the story to better show how the club has changed over time.

“The Bikeriders,” which comes out in 2024, looks like it will be a very intense and interesting look into the life of a biker gang, thanks to its hard working cast and team, which includes Jodie Comer, Tom Hardy, and Austin Butler. Watch out for its launch and official trailer, and pay attention to deal updates that tell you when it will come out.

Key Takeaways

The movie “The Bikeriders,” which stars Austin Butler, Jodie Comer, and Tom Hardy, will be released in theaters on June 21, 2024. It was directed by Jeff Nichols. 

Based on Danny Lyon’s book of the same name, this exciting movie shows how a biker club in the Midwest changes over the course of ten years. The movie gives viewers exclusive access to a gritty society and shows how it changes into a more dangerous gang.

  • New Trailer: The first bikeriders trailer showcases intense drama and action.
  • Positive Reviews: Early screenings have received positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • Cast Highlights: Performances by Toby Wallace, Happy Anderson, and Karl Glusman stand out.
  • New Distributor: The film found a new distributor, securing a prime summer slot.
  • Themes: Explores loyalty, betrayal, and the allure of the biker lifestyle, drawing comparisons to “Mad Max.”


When is the release date for “The Bikeriders”?

The release date cast for “The Bikeriders” is June 21, 2024.

Who are the main stars in “The Bikeriders”?

The main stars include Austin Butler, Jodie Comer, and Tom Hardy.

What is the plot of “The Bikeriders”?

“The Bikeriders” follows the rise and fall of a Midwestern motorcycle club over the course of a decade, giving audiences privileged access to their world.

Where was “The Bikeriders” filmed?

The film was primarily shot in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Why was the release of “The Bikeriders” delayed?

Production delays were due to various challenges, but these were overcome to ensure the movie’s quality for its world premiere under 20th Century Studios.