The Bird is The Word in “Nightwing” #1 (Review)

Jul 27, 2016


NTW-Cv1-ds-1c4acNightwing #1
DC Comics

Written by: Tim Seeley
Art by: Javier Fernandez
Color by: Chris Sotomayor

I’d just like to start by saying while I loved Grayson, it is so good to have Dick back! In Nightwing #1 he starts his journey to take down the Parliament of Owls and meets his new partner Raptor. We also get some very nostalgic interactions with Batman, Damian, and Babs as well which really heightened my enjoyment. All in all Nightwing #1 was a really fun issue that was a perfect next step after his Rebirth start.NTW-1-4-705bf

Tim Seeley continues to deliver killer Dick Grayson stories. Just through the dialogue it’s clear Seeley knows who Nightwing is, from his strengths to his weaknesses and exactly which buttons to press to make him sloppy. Javier Fernández is an artist that I don’t think I’m familiar with at first glance and I now know that’s a big mistake on my part. His action is big and fun to follow, with lots of lines to gradually lead the reader along the page. I’d also really like to give some recognition to colorist Chris Sotomayor who had a great balance of light and dark throughout the issue, really lending to the tone of the comic. I think that balance can be easily overlooked but colors can give the reader a strong sense of the story and character. Nightwing isn’t a dark character which is what’s so interesting about him. For me he’s always felt like a source of light in what is usually a dark world. Just through Sotomayor’s colors in this issue I got that feeling again.

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I loved this issue if that wasn’t already clear and I’m excited to see everything coming in the future. The creative team is strong so far and while there were a few things that didn’t work as well for me overall this was a strong issue. I can’t recommend it enough to fans of the Grayson series or anyone who missed good, old, Nightwing.

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