“The Bitcoin Debate: Peter Schiff’s ‘Dead’ Claim and the Ripple Effect”

May 19, 2024

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Peter Schiff Claims Bitcoin is ‘Dead’ – An Analysis


Peter Schiff argues that Bitcoin is ‘dead’ due to its recent underperformance compared to silver, sparking debate within the cryptocurrency community.


Despite Bitcoin’s recent surge, financial analyst Peter Schiff has reignited controversy by declaring Bitcoin as ‘dead’. His criticism is based on Bitcoin’s performance relative to silver, highlighting a significant gap between the two assets.

Main Points

Schiff points out that silver has experienced a 21% rise since April, overshadowing Bitcoin’s modest 2% gain, leading him to predict Bitcoin’s collapse. However, supporters of Bitcoin counter this by emphasizing its over 60% increase compared to silver’s 14.46% rise this year, sparking ongoing debate.

Schiff expresses concern about Bitcoin being marketed as a digital substitute for gold, aiming to prevent potential investors from making what he perceives as a grave error. He stresses the importance of clarifying misconceptions surrounding Bitcoin in the interest of investor protection.


While Peter Schiff’s negative stance on Bitcoin prompts discussion, seasoned trader Peter Brandt advises disregarding Schiff’s views. Brandt suggests Schiff’s critique is a diversion tactic from Bitcoin’s successes, as the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve amidst differing perspectives.