The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1, Episodes 5-8 Review

Oct 15, 2018

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Season 1, Episodes 5-8

Sabrina’s journey as a half human and half witch continues as she begins the next step in her journey.  At this point of the show, we begin to see more and more of the supernatural and magic at play. Not only that, but all of our characters begin to grow in their own ways whether it’s for better or worst.  Sabrina now has to try to balance two very different lives and the struggle makes for a compelling watch. The most intriguing aspect of this show is its strong relationships and in the second half, Sabrina will have even more to develop as new friends and enemies emerge.

Through episodes, 5-8 Sabrina’s development is strong as she has to continuously fight to prove the worth of her human side as she insists on challenging her new lord Satan. It’s also tremendous to see how far she will go to reach out and help others regardless of how they may have treated her in the past, she is truly a vision of light in so much darkness.  She’s is becoming more of a modern witch, wherein she wants to be able to use her powers for those in need whether they be human, witch, or warlock.  It’s one of the most charming things about Sabrina and is what makes her pure and her character such a joy to watch.  Even though she may practice in the dark arts, she sheds more light than anyone on the show and it definitely reaches to those in the darkest of trenches.

The small growth we get out of the other characters is just as enjoyable. Sabrina improves her relationship with Aunt Zelda who comes off very dislikable at first but as time goes on you can see that she truly cares for Sabrina’s wellbeing.  Aunt Hilda manages to find some work outside of the house and still brings much joy to the family dynamic which is needed to bring balance when Sabrina and Zelda aren’t seeing eye to eye at times and is always able to give great advice to her niece. Sabrina’s friends are also slowing being dragged into her world of magic and the supernatural as they begin to become pawns in the devil’s game with the young Spellman. Mary Wardwell is lovely to watch as she continues her plot to steer Sabrina towards the dark lord. Watching her twist things and pull strings keeps you on your toes as you wait to see how her plans will play out. She is a fantastic villain that oozes charm and witchery. The casting is perfect as Michelle Gomez, steals every scene she is in even when she doesn’t speak.

There is so much to love about this show and these episodes do a great job as the pacing leads you through your day to day teen drama then to literally dealing with the devil, it’s a spellbinding journey that makes you immediately want to watch the next episode. The makeup, performances and the charm everyone brings is mesmerizing as its TV magic that will undoubtedly put a spell on you because quite frankly, I couldn’t get enough.