The City of Angels Gives The Devil His Due “Angel City” #3 (REVIEW)

Dec 20, 2016


Angel City #3
Oni Press

Written by: Janet Harvey
Art by: Megan Levens
Colors by: Nick Falardi

Corruption, crime and vice run rampant throughout the streets of old Hollywood. Dolores Dare continues her investigation into the death of her friend and the elusive April Fool’s Day killer. The investigation leads the plucky stuntwoman and her photographer/sidekick Joe to a meeting with Aggie Underwood, firebrand reporter for the LA Times. Underwood has been taking the studios to task for the deaths and disappearances of would be starlets, much to the chagrin of the powerful studio bosses. Seems like family-friendly studio MGM has been throwing “parties” that are attracting the rich and powerful as well as young starlets who are not leaving unscathed. Delores decides to take bold action by infiltrating the party to find answers as the mob continues to divide up the city and its spoils. Will Delores and Joe find the answers they seek in order to help Underwood break her story or will they become the City of Angel’s next victims?

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Janet Harvey tells a good story. The characters have depth and purpose and the plot does move along at a good pace. There are a few moments in the narrative where there seems to be too many stories going on at once to devote one’s attention to, but the look back at the decadence and corruption of the 1930’s studio system works in the story. Megan Levens artwork is rich and lush, bringing gravity and depth to each panel and is enhanced by Nick Falardi’s use of color and shadow.

Angel City #3 has a good story overall, a story that continues to highlight the history of Hollywood in the 30’s. The artwork is really engaging and makes every character stand out. The plot could be leaner but there is hope that the stories come together for a satisfying conclusion.

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