The Final Price is Paid in “TMNT #44” – REVIEW

Mar 17, 2015


TMNT-44_Cover-ATMNT #44
IDW Publishing

Story by: Kevin Eastman, Bobby Curnow & Tom Waltz
Script By: Tom Waltz
Art By: Cory Smith
Color By: Ronda Pattison

The battle for the Technodrome continues and comes to a world changing conclusion. That world changing event has little to do with the terraforming power of the technodrome, but more with the casualties and favors of war. I have loved what the creative team behind this current ongoing run has done since issue one. They have made my favorite heroes in the half shell seem realistic (though I know we are years away from mutagen), they have provided story arcs that tear apart the city and the turtle family. In this issue they have finally given me a mild heart attack with characters they bring back as well as quiet literally split in half.

The script and dialogue in this issue was brilliant. From the egomaniacs gloating in how smart they are, to the diabolical evil monologue about how he is no longer a disappointment, this issue was just flat out all out intense. When there was lack of dialogue, it was because of a life or death battle that was so crisp in clear in the panels that I felt like I was standing ring side. There was a real emphasis this issue on how severe the consequences are in this save the world scenario.

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TMNT-44_Cover-BIn every comic book/movie/video game, when the hero (or one of the four ninja heroes) begins a one sided fight against pure brute force, there is some part of your brain in terror he or she may lose the fight but the majority of your thinking is “well this is the main character (or one of them), they wouldn’t kill him, therefore he can’t lose”. I don’t know how else to physically express in words how I felt when the fight was over and the two thugs walked away with gore dripping from their sledgehammer. I finished the last few pages with my mouth wide open and heavily breathing. The final page was heart wrenching. (Also, without trying to give away too much detail, the even sadder image after this characters beating was when he wasn’t even able to be comforted by Metalhead, who couldn’t even reach out and hold the heroes hand.) It turns out those two goons we all remember blundering all of The Shredder’s plans from the late 80s are very capable now, which is exactly the tone this ongoing series has taken from the start. Oh, and don’t worry, the Technodrome was shut down, but oh…my…god, did the price get paid.

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