The first post Secret Wars books revealed!

Mar 27, 2015


The biggest Marvel event of the year hasn’t even started yet, but we now have an idea of what the Marvel Universe will look like after Secret Wars. On May 2nd, for Free Comic Book Day, Marvel will release a book with two stories in it, one is of the All-New, All-Different Avengers and the Uncanny Inhumans!


The cover to the new Avengers book has the current Thor, the Vision, Ms. Marvel, Nova, someone in an Iron Man suit and the Spider-Man of the former Ultimate universe, Miles Morales. The three young heroes might make a ‘junior’ team with the other four members as mentors. I’m interested to see who it is in the Iron Man suit, because currently the Tony Stark of the 616 is in his sliver symbiote suit, so this person in the suit might not be the current Tony.


Also revealed was the cover to the Uncanny Inhumans. Free Comic Book Day seems like a great place to push the Inhumans, and seeing as how so many great characters have been introduced in the current Inhuman title. Medusa, Triton, Iso, Inferno and Naja are featured on the cover as well as the Human Torch. Yes, that is Johnny Storm, Marvel has confirmed. Whatever the outcome of Secret Wars is, there’s a good chance the other members of the Fantastic Four will still be around in the new universe in some capacity.

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Free Comic Book Day is Saturday, May 2nd and Secret Wars starts this May!

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