The Flash #45 Review

Apr 25, 2018


The Flash #45
DC Comics

Written by: Joshua Williamson
Art by: Christian Duce
Colors by: Luis Guerrero
Release date: 4/25/18

Barry Allen, Kid Flash and the rest of the speedsters are in overdrive helping out where they can with the repairs of Central City in the aftermath of the Speed Force Storm. At the same time, Wally West is getting himself a bouquet of flowers for someone special. At Iron Heights, Meena has turned herself in after the storm and is being helped with keeping her powers in check due to the negative speed force trying to tear her apart. Barry says that he’s willing to speak to the court on her behalf, but she’s more interested in getting Barry to understand just how dangerous the Speed Force could be. This is when stories get good. When characters are allowed time to deal with the aftermath of an arc and the reader is allowed to remember what made them care about these characters in the first place.

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Damian decides to visit Kid Flash and tells the young hero that there are parallels to mistakes that their mentors are making. It’s interesting to see what those mistakes are. I’m hoping to see what the connection to the two of them is as well as what Robin is proposing. Meanwhile, Barry has brought Iris to the crime lab in order to reveal some hard truths to the woman he loves. A truth that could change everything about their relationship and everything that she holds dear. At the same time, the truth threatens to tear apart Wally’s existence as well.

It looks like Williamson is gearing up for a bigger event and the memories that Wally is holding onto might be part of it. The writing in this issue was crisp and it didn’t spend a lot of time on issues that weren’t relevant to the narrative. Duce art is great in this issue and there are some detailed moments that are stunning to look at. Definitely, a good issue that is hopefully, leading to a better arc with Flash War.

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Score: 8.5

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