‘The Flash’ film loses it’s Director

Apr 30, 2016

The man Warner Bros. picked to helm The Flash solo film has just zoomed far away from the studio. According to reports The Flash Director: Seth Grahame-Smith has left the project.  My first thought has to be that after the less than positive response to Batman Vs. Superman, WB did not feel comfortable having a relatively unknown director helm the solo film debut of one of the most popular characters in the DC universe.  Miller is more known as an author writing the very popular books: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies as well as Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter both of which were adapted into somewhat successful films.  So it was a bit surprising when WB chose Smith for such a high profile project in the first place considering he had no directorial experience.  After all he was the second choice for the film after the ever popular Phil Lord and Chris Miller of Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street fame left to work on the young Han Solo film for Disney.

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Personally I think this is the right move by the recently much maligned studio.  Rumor has been that the Studio will seek more creative control after the poor reaction to Batman V. Superman, while I usually don’t agree with Studio’s tampering with the creative freedom of film makers it may be a necessary evil considering how the DC cinematic universe has failed to get off the ground.  This leads me to think that perhaps Smith left The Flash after WB began to put too many restrictions on him or they were just generally afraid to take a risk on such a newcomer to cinema.

As of now The Flash starring Ezra Miller is still scheduled for a March 16th 2018 release, and the Scarlett speedster will also be apart of of Justice League Part 1 on November 17th 2017

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