‘The Flash Movie’ Ezra Miller Talks Director Exit; Says Production On The Film Begins This Year

Nov 7, 2016


The Flash hasn’t had the easiest of times since the film was announced as part of Warner Bros DC Extended Universe film slate.

The films first director Seth Grahame-Smith dropped out due to creative differences with the studio. Next, Warner Bros brought on-board Dope’s Rick Famuyiwa, and for a while everything seemed to be going well. That was until creative differences reared its ugly head again and Famuyiwa departed the directors chair a couple of weeks ago.

Ezra Miller, who plays Barry Allen/The Flash in the DCEU, spoke with Collider recently whilst promoting his new film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and touched upon both directors departures from the film.

“These processes are complicated, and I think it can—from afar—appear to be, as you say, something interpersonal or dramatic. That is rarely the case. These are groups of people taking the development of projects extremely seriously, and the teams are changing all the time. There’s often a lot of flux in who the team of the production of a film is before that production starts, and in this case, you hear about it, because it’s a critical figure—the directors that have been coming on and leaving. For me, it’s sort of a tragic relay race, and we’ve had a couple really incredible people carry this baton, and their marks are left on that baton, and the work that they’ve given to the project will certainly be represented in whatever the final product comes to be.”

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Even with The Flash not having a director at the helm, Ezra Miller said production on the film will begin this year during a separate interview with ScreenRant.

“We don’t know right now [who the director will be], but I think we’ll start this year, I think it’s coming up pretty quick.”

Whether or not that’s the case it remains to be seen. Let hope the next director Warner Bros bring in can stick it out.


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