The Flash Reverse Episode 19 – Who is Harrison Wells? (Spoilers)

Apr 21, 2015

Originally Aired: April 21st 2015

Fitting that the episode that introduces the shape shifting villain: Every Man, is nothing more than an every man’s type of episode.  Everything in this episode is solid,but nothing too riveting.  Which judging by the title of: Who is Harrison Well’s? most audiences may have been expecting a little more.  While the S.T.A.R Lab’s gang officially finds out here that Harrison Well’s is indeed the Reverse Flash, it feels more like a realization than a revelation.  Instead where this episode thrives is by confirming it’s place in the overall larger CW/DC television universe and choosing to focus on character moments.


This is done in the subtlest of ways as Barry visits Coast City for pizza in the show’s opening scene, and deeper one’s as Cisco and Detective West visit Starling City to further investigate the death of Dr. Well’s Wife.  In Starling City we have some organic character moments in which Cisco and Laurel share some cool moments swapping some new Black Canary tech for a pretty sweet fan boy photo-op.  Detective’s Lance and West also share a very powerful moment discussing the impact their service on the force has had on the relationship’s with their daughters.


This episode will be remembered for a few things, but the Villain Every Man will not be one of them.  The most generic shape shifter I have seen across any medium for sometime, there isn’t much here than simply a Villain of the week.  For whatever reason the character didn’t seem to connect, despite the fact that Show-runner’s attempted to give him a somewhat emotional origin story.  The character is however used to create some good character moments as a plot device, mainly through Eddie and Barry.

Things You Can't Outrun

Character moments are what drive this episode, whether that be in Central or Starling City.  Near the climax of the episode we have a very touching moment between Harrison Well’s and Detective West as discussing the lost of their Wives.  These type of human moments are exactly what set’s this version of the Flash apart from other superhero shows, even on an Every Man off night.  In it’s conclusion this feels like the calm before the storm, one final shot to enjoy the pleasant side of Dr. Well’s before he reveals himself to everyone as Eobard Thawne.