The Flash Zoom-In: Garrick, Allen, & Potter (“Rupture” 2×20)

May 4, 2016

A brother from another Earth, a father from the same Earth, and a reenactment of the event that started it all, in The FlashRupture” (2×20).  Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) contemplates Harry’s proposal with a new particle accelerator in play.  Guest Star, Nicholas Gonzalez returns as both Cisco’s brother and the vengeful nemesis Rupture.  Zoom (Teddy Sears) drags Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) home to rule over Central City, since “the Flash is no more.”   This week, The Flash writers juxtapose a scientist’s flashr6hubris with Zoom’s expanding ego, all leading to one heck of a hero’s sacrifice; plus, Cisco has a new reason to use that Weather Wizard wand.

“But I’ve seen the darkness inside of you, Caitlin,” taunts Hunter Zolomon while holding Caitlin hostage at the Central City Police Department, “just like inside of Killer Frost.”  He really is a villainous creature, completely undermining Caitlin’s pain behind his identity reveal, while simultaneously reminding us that they’re relationship was a small episode fling.  Seriously, if there is a darkness inside of Caitlin Snow then hopefully our particle accelerator explosion will bring it out, not Hunter’s attempt at “sweet talk.”  All nonsense aside I do appreciate how this scene works in terms of theme connectivity with Cisco (Carlos Valdes) coming to terms with his brother on both Earths.  Cisco and his brother Dante are not close on this Earth.  On Earth-2 both of the Valdes brothers have fully embraced the dark side of being metahumans.  They are also close enough to motivate Rupture to travel through the opened time breach and avenge his brother’s death.  During “Versus Zoom” Cisco talks about the potential dark side to embracing his powers after meeting Reverb on Earth-2.  Now discovering how both Ramon brothers became villains, I wonder if this will continue to make Cisco turn away from his powers.  Zoom kills Rupture and several other CCPD officers in a display of power.  Both Chief Singh and Joe are spared, “You’re only still alive because of Caitlin.”  In this episode, Cisco and Caitlin find themselves on the run from their Earth-2 mirror images and consider if it’s a true reflection on who they will eventually become in their world.

flashr12Barry Allen’s grandmother’s maiden name is “Garrick,” on Earth-1, so Hunter is a second cousin removed to another Earth.  During the previous episode “Flash Back” the writers juxtapose the lives of Barry Allen and Hunter Zolomon.  They both have very similar backstories, the only difference is that one had the West family around and the other got left behind.  I would also like to preface this theory with another call back to “Flash of Two Worlds,” we meet Jay Garrick as the Flash from Earth-2.  What if Earth-2 Henry Allen is the real Jay Garrick?  The actor from the 90s TV series, initially plays Barry Allen’s father, and then in season two is a Flash from another Earth; mind blown.  On Earth-2 he’s either a brother or Hunter’s fraternal twin.  I feel like between the original Zoom mystery and now our present man in the iron mask, we’ve truly come full circle.  After the abrupt departure of Henry Allen (John Wesley Shipp) during the season premiere “The Man Who Saved Central City” many speculated that his doppelganger is the real villain this year.  Now Barry’s biological father from another Earth may in fact be a victim to Zoom’s cruelty much like his son’s double.

The Flash -- "Rupture" -- Image: FLA220b_0168b.jpg -- Pictured: Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells -- Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

While, both Caitlin and Cisco are seeing double, Barry is seeing triple; with three father figures voicing their opinions about recreating the particle accelerator explosion.  Harry (Tom Cavanagh) is a man seeking redemption and willing to defeat Zoom at the risk of Barry’s life.  The always understanding, Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) still retains guilt from Barry having to give up his powers in the first place.  Finally, absentee father, Henry Allen attempts to put his foot down against Harry’s dangerous plan.  Now it’s Harry’s hubris behind the plan, but Barry’s determination to become a superhero that again continues to drive him into these perilous situations.  I also would like to add that we see the team create a hologram Flash, an interesting metaphor for the illusion of power.  Back in “Enter Zoom” (2×6) we see this troupe play out, with Barry coming to terms with his own mortality regardless of his superpowers.  Really this episode should be titled “Enter WestAllen,” as Iris (Canhqdefaultdice Patton) makes her plea for Barry to not put her through this again because, “It doesn’t matter to me if you’re the Flash, or not.”  Just like in “Out of Time” (1×15), our hero has to put his relationship goals with Iris on hold to save Central City.

“Expecto Patronum,” cries Cisco and fulfills a legitimate dream for every Harry Potter fanboy and fangirl – too bad Zoom is not a dementor.  Instead the Weather Wizard wand serves as a lighting rod conductor and ultimately makes Barry Allen barbecue, or that’s what everyone is led to believe.  I wonder how long Barry will be lost in the Speed Force since Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) on Arrow was “dead” for about three episodes before an epic return last season.  Essentially this final act fulfills Zoom’s prophecy that “the Flash is no more,” but the particle accelerator blast hit both Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) and Jesse Wells (Violett Barns) too; one speedster down but two more are about to emerge.  “Rupture,” Zoom’s power play and Harry’s hubris pushes Barry Allen over the edge and into a new reality all together.  Well we’ve been traveling time for the past two seasons, it’s about time our heroes explore life in another dimension.

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