The Forge – Episode #7

Jul 4, 2016

It’s an impromptu reboot for Geeks World Wide’s resident tech crew. Which would only be appropriate for the most erratically scheduled podcast on the GWW Radio Network. Logistics and work have hampered our ability to re-connect, but I got tired of sitting here alone under a stack of boxes, and so, voila.

This week, standing co-hosts Kyle Johnston and Agasicles Stamas are joined by Peter Morrow to breakdown a collection of topics on tech. We talk about Kyle’s in-progress Razer Turret review, Agasicles’ response to Evernote’s efforts to force users to their paid tiers, pc gaming on televisions, and our feelings as owners of the Nexus 6P. And that’s just half of what we cover!

So get in here, take a seat, and enjoy our ongoing debate on all things tech! And be sure to like us on SoundCloud, iTunes, YouTube, FaceBook, and Twitter. Thanks so much.

Intro and outro music “Asylum” courtesy of Soundtails via Creative Commons license (