The Future Awaiting The Legends of Tomorrow: My Season 2 Wishlist

May 4, 2016

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is a show that was built on mystery, amazing characters/actors, and a lot of hype. Promos started airing a year before the pilot aired, and viewers were introduced to the future legends through The CW’s Arrow and The Flash. I had so many questions about the show when I first saw the promos; Who brought Sara back from the dead? Villains working with heroes? Time travel?! Suffice it to say, I have been impressed with the show so far, but in my opinion it could use a little improvement before season 2. That’s the case with many shows as they exit their freshman season and are renewed for another year. So, here is my season 2 wishlist.


Sara Lance came back from the dead via The Lazarus Pit during a harrowing magic filled episode of Arrow. I immediately thought she would have a short reunion with Nyssa al-Ghul and a long tearful goodbye as she went off to save the world, but none of that happened. Instead, viewers were shocked to see a brand new ship on the horizon; #CaptainCanary. The chemistry between Caity Lotz and Wentworth Miller shocked everyone, including the actors. When these two share scenes I’m drawn in and want more. It’s special. It’s tv magic. So, let’s have more of them in season 2. I want to see Sara Lance struggle with her bisexuality. I want to see Leonard Snart struggle with his feelings. I want an awkward kiss, a dash of angst and avoidance, and finally an event which brings them together.

We are all used to our Flarrow crossovers, and the thought of bringing the Legends cast is exciting, but integrating all three casts would be costly and time consuming. We need a crossover event in season 2 though, so here is a solution. A very small crossover with just The Green Arrow, The Flash, and Cisco. Let’s save the bigger crossovers for the future.


Mick Rory. Who would have known that this would be the character that the majority of us find so fascinating? We need more character development, more prominent storylines, more everything from him next season. I loved how he talked to his younger self in “Last Refuge.” It seemed like he was trying to make subtle changes for his future or guide his younger self. I am finding out there are so many layers to this character, and Dominic Purcell peels them away every week.

This season has been all about the race to stop Vandal Savage and save the world. In my opinion, it’s been dragging on and there hasn’t been enough interaction with Savage. Here are two solutions for season 2. Option one is to chase after the next evil super villain for half the season, defeating him or her, and then starting another evil super villain quest; but it wouldn’t end at the season finale, instead there would be a big battle that would be continue into the following season. This would still emphasize the importance of the mission and of saving the world. At the same time, it would keep things fresh and fast paced. The second option is a group of super villains banding together, sort of like an evil Justice League, and the Legends having to chase them through time. Although the cast would be a little bit larger, the episodes have the potential to be quick paced cliffhangers. The issue with the cast growing too large can be resolved with my next point.


There are so many advantages to having episodes that focus on three characters instead of the whole team. It gives the actors and the viewers a chance to see more detailed storylines and interactions. Each character has a distinct chemistry with another, so why not take the chance to play on it?  I can just picture Martin Stein, Ray Palmer, and Sara Lance out on a mission together. Ray would be trying to impress Martin Stein but Stein is enthralled with Sara’s quick thinking and fighting skills. Kendra and Leonard go on a mission together and while they are fighting a group off some bad guys, Kendra is interrogating him about his feelings for Sara. The combinations and storylines are endless, and fun.


The DC Universe is large and diverse. Granted, a lot of characters have been taken away from the TV Universe for use in the movies, but there are so many other characters we can have our Legends encounter during season 2.  For example, Booster Gold, a lesser known member of The Justice League and who has traveled through time before. He has a very unique relationship with Rip Hunter. The Blue Beetle is a possibility and would make me happy, but I’m not sure if there will be a version of him in the movie universe. Zatanna would be a very interesting character to come on to the show for a few episodes. She is a powerful magician and that is something our Legends have yet to encounter. But, the character I would love to see in season 2 is one who was prominent in the series of comic books called The Time Masters written by Bob Wayne. Her name is Bonnie Baxter. Bonnie works alongside Rip throughout the comics, and although there is a subtle flirtation they both remain colleagues. What if Bonnie could be a Time Master?  She would join the team so Rip could have an equal working alongside him. Her character is so well written in the comics. I think including any of these DC characters, short or long term, would give DC’s Legends of Tomorrow tons of extra material to turn into amazing episodes.

What are your thoughts for Season 2? Does the show need a little improvement or is it fine the way it is? Is there anyone in the DC universe that you would like to see on Legends? Share your opinion.

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