‘The Grudge’ Reboot Gets Its Director in Nicolas Pesce

Jul 12, 2017


Japanese movies and media especially of the horror genre have been quite the fickle mistress in terms of Americanization for various reasons. From racially insensitive castings of all white actors to plots that just don’t make sense in western regions. Over all devoid of artistic asian style and influence that America just cant seem to nail; especially in the case of Japanese folklore fueled horror.

The early 2000’s fueled the J Horror to American transition with the succes of The Ring in 2002. Then, 2 years later  Takashi Shimizu’s Original Grudge was released. Both garnered medium to well reviews which then spawned various sequals.

Seemingly, the J Horror  transition has had resurgence as of late. Starting this year with the reboot of The Ring A.K.A. Rings which gave the series a new start but was all together mediocre. Ghost House Pictures is looking to keep the momentum with a Grudge reboot. Variety reports Nicolas Pesce Director of The Eyes Of My Mother is set to helm the project. And will work through rewrites of Jeff Buhlers script. Buhleres was the writer behind Midnight Meat Train. 

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Casting choices and shooting dates have yet to be announced. Stay tuned to Omega Underground for updates.



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