The Hunter Becomes The Hunted in “Black Widow” #1 (PREVIEW)

Feb 28, 2016


She may not be getting a solo film, or at least not yet, but the Black Widow’s solo comic returns with some heavy hitters behind the helm. Chris Smanee, Mark Waid, and Matt Wilson come together to put this hero assassin through her paces as the hunter becomes the hunted. Marvel movie and comic fans alike will not want to miss this new action packed serious staring their favorite female Avenger the Black Widow.

She is the Marvel Universe’s most dangerous super-spy. Capable of hunting her targets with lethal precision. But what happens when the hunter…becomes the hunted? This March, the Black Widow becomes…S.H.I.E.L.D.’s MOST WANTED! And it’s all happening in BLACK WIDOW #1 – the brand new series from Eisner Award winning Daredevil creative team. Writer Mark Waid, Artist Chris Samnee, Colorist Matt Wilson and Letterer Joe Caramagna re-team for the next explosive chapter in Natasha’s life!

She has spent years gathering secrets. Knowledge and intel on friends and enemies alike. But when some of those dark secrets mysteriously begin to go public, no one is safe! Now, Natasha has become the one thing she never thought she’d be – public enemy number one! Betrayed by her former accomplices, with friend and foe alike nipping at her heels, all bets are off. With a lifetime of training and ingenuity at her disposal, she’s out for answers, and she’s going to get them any way she can. As long as S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn’t get her first!

Prepare for a knock-down, drag-out tale of action, adventure and espionage! All eyes are on the Black Widow. With her enemies closing in at every side, it’s time to show everyone why she is and always will be the world’s greatest spy. Be there when BLACK WIDOW#1 explodes into comic shops this March!

Hip-Hop Variant by PHIL NOTO
Variant Cover by TULA LOTAY
Young Variant by SKOTTIE YOUNG
Action Figure Variant by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER
Women of Power Variant by KEVIN WADA
 On-Sale – 03/02/16

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