‘The Meg’ Sequel Currently In The Writing Process

Mar 25, 2019

After the worldwide success of “The Meg”, many fans were wondering what the status of the sequel was. When the movie completed its theatrical run, it made over $500 million, so it was obvious a sequel would be put into a development. There was a fair amount of speculation among fans, and now producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura provided an update on the state of the sequel.

“We’re working on a script. Yeah. So you never know until you get a good script. … I was very thankful that the audience got that we were just trying to have fun, (and) not take ourselves seriously at all.”

“The Meg” was directed by Jon Turteltaub and written by the trio of Dean Georgaris, Jon Hoeber, and Erich Hoeber. It starred Jason Statham as Jonas Taylor, Li Bingbing as Suyin Zhang, Rainn Wilson as Jack Morris, and Ruby Rose as Jaxx Herd. With this team the movie did very well domestically, making over $145 million, but was a wild success internationally, racking up over $384 million total, even with mixed reviews. This sounds like great news for the fans clamoring for a sequel, not only because it’s being currently written, but they aren’t rushing into making a sequel and are actually taking their time in developing a proper follow up.


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