The Melodies of “Chariots” Is Just The Thing You Need (Music Spotlight)

Oct 26, 2016

Tom ReadSinger/Songwriter: Tom Read
Band: Chariots
Latest EP: Chariots (September 2016)
Genre: Indie Pop
Location: Oxford, UK

Tom comes from a church background. Of course, his latest masterpiece, Chariots, is simply fitting. Christian and Gospel. Makes sense, right? He won awards for his album, Compass, back in 2013. On the iTunes charts in Hong Kong, this album stayed in the “Top 20” for two straight weeks. Not bad at all, Tom!

You can hear Tom hint at praying to the man upstairs (if you will). “Can I find my way back to you.. just a little bit closer. Is anyone listening?”

Is Anyone Listening | Chariots

My favourite part about Tom’s music is that you can appreciate his music on a symbolic level, while finding inspiration, hope, and simple pleasure of letting your mind be swept away by the melodies, harmonies, and well thought out lyrics throughout each song.

Crashing | Chariots

Since 2014, Tom’s main focus has been writing. But, he recently re-branded and was nominated for “Best Album / EP of the Year” at the Unsigned Music Awards 2016. He also received airplay on BBC Introducing.

Tom’s has a lot of experience putting his talents to use for others; however, 2016 is his year to be a little selfish.

To be honest, I love good ol’ 90s grunge tunes and, well, New Country. So, Tom’s music is way outside of my comfort zone. Would I pick this up at a record shop at first glance? Nope. But, I can listen to this whole record without a second thought. Despite Tom’s style not being in my preferred music genres, I am pleasantly surprised. If you’re unwinding from a rough day, and let Tom’s melodies help pick you back up again. Chariots includes delicious tempos so that your ears can enjoy Tom’s music while you sip on your favourite pint or scotch, or during a long commute to work (but not at the same time).

First thing I’m doing is adding these new sounds to my Spotify playlist and set out to by at least a few of my favourite singles! Learn more about Chariots, follow Tom’s music journey, or support him by following one of the links below to purchase a few tracks, or even a full album!

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