The Multiverse Explodes? a “Convergence #8” Review

May 31, 2015

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Converge 8 CoverConvergence #8
DC Comics

Written by: Jeff King & Scott Lobdell
Art by: Segovia, Pagulayan, Pansica, Van Sciver

As unbelievable as it may sound, Jeff King and Scott Lobdell’s final issue of “Convergence” may have been absolutely perfect. But, not because it provided a meaningful end to the mega DC crossover event, rather, because the final issue made you think it was going to be consequential for the primary DC continuity, and instead opted to go with one of the bigger bate and switches in the era of event storytelling that mainstream comics are currently in.  Just as consistent with the tone of final issue was the solid and classic DC house art by Segovia, Pagulayan, Pansica, and Van Sciver but nothing too memorable.  As a whole the final issue was a microcosm for the event itself: great character without consequence.

Rather than being the multiverse shattering streamlining type book that all comic readers thought it would be, “Convergence” ending up being the exact opposite.  Instead thanks to some missteps by the likes of  Deimos and Parallax even when looks like the multiverse is all but doomed, Brainiac steps into save the day.  Better than that it is the same version of Braniac prime that started this mess of a story.  Apparently, Brainiac in his search of never-ending knowledge and power created telos and it’s arenas, but has become sick as a result.  Now the only way he can return to his original form is destroy the planet of telos and send everyone to their respective homes.  The problem is, that will now cause the Flash and Supergirl of the pre-crisis DC universe to once again have to give up their lives, ironically this time to save the multiverse only this time for some odd reason Superman, Lois Lane, and their new born are tagging along.

Convergence 8 Splash

The final pages of “Convergence” features heroes defining themselves through sacrifice, the problem is this was done thirty something odd years ago to do the exact opposite, that being to end the multiverse.  Here, that sacrifice is so that DC can make it’s multiverse offering more grandiose.  As a long time comics reader, while I admired Barry and Kara once again willing to give up their lives, I saw this a slight slap in the face to the work of Marv Wolfman andConver 8 Variant George Perez work on the original “Crisis on Infinite Earth’s”.

Despite some ret-conning, you have to respect King and Lobdell’s respect for character, however the fact remains that this book really had no impact on the main DC continuity.  Our main DC heroes basically witnessed the happenings of the convergences at length, much like the readers, despite the New 52 Superman implying to Supergirl that this will have some overall impact on them, don’t hold your breath.

Instead DC readers get a New Earth 2 made out of the remains of Telos which despite Alan Scott’s power is relatively unexplained, an expanded DC Multiverse, and a giant tease for the next big DC event that will actually matter: “Darkseid War”.  If you are a fan of the DC Multiverse, primarily Earth 2 and it’s heroes, I have to imagine you will be pretty satisfied with the results of “Convergence”.  If you were looking for a meaningful story involving the primary heroes of the DC Universe, expect to be unfulfilled.