The Orville Season Three Approaches With New Poster

Apr 20, 2022

We are just under a month and a half away from the third season of The Orville. Earlier today, we were treated to a promotional poster on their Facebook page. The new season, subtitled New Horizons, will be premiering June 2 on Hulu. This will be the first season since the move to the streaming service. Creator and star Seth MacFarlane moved his series after the Fox network was less than excited to continue working on the sci-fi series. Between the move to Hulu and Covid-19, it has been a long time since we’ve seen Captain Mercer and crew.

With the events that occurred during Season Two, the impressions could be one of a more combative nature. The first season was of more of a commentary on different societal aspects and more comedic in nature. The second season had a much more sorted mix of situations that culminated in what will probably lead into season three. The poster shows us an image of the contrails of several vessels to make out the symbol of the Planetary Union. Noticeable are a pair of Union vessels, a Moclan shuttlecraft, a Krill fighter and one (possibly two) Kaylon spheres. Does the symbolism of the multiple vessels foreshadow more of this offensive, war-like narrative? Time will tell for the season.

The Orville stars MacFarlane, Adrianne Palicki as Commander Grayson, Penny Johnson Jerald as Dr. Finn, Scott Grimes as Lt. Malloy, Peter Macon as Lt. Commander Bortus, J Lee as Lt. Commander LaMarr, Mark Jackson as Isaac, and Jessica Szohr as Lt. Keyali. As seen in the trailer, a new character, Ensign Charly Burke, will be joining the crew and is portrayed by Anne Winters.