The Perfect Monitor: Razer Raptor

Jul 20, 2020

The Raptor is unequivocally the perfect gaming monitor. The only catch, and no, it’s not the price, is the resolution. Priced at $699.99, the Raptor is Razer’s first entry into the display market. If you compare the specs with other 1440p monitors you may be quick to conclude it is overpriced. However, after a month with it as my primary display, I don’t believe that is the case. The Raptor has a native resolution of 2560×1440; otherwise known as 1440p or 2K. For most PC gamers, according to Steam’s most recent hardware survey (May, 2020), the most used resolution is 1080p (65% of users). What’s more, the most used GPU is a GTX 1060, which is good for 1080p gaming, at most. That makes the Raptor unnecessary for most gamers. If you find yourself with a 1440p+ capable GPU, the Raptor is a must-buy for several reasons. 

Well done, Razer! The Raptor is the complete package.

Three Reasons in favor of the Raptor

My desktop PC is equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super. This GPU is 1440p-friendly, meaning I can comfortably play most games at 1440p resolution with settings on high. If you find yourself in a similar position, here are three reasons you should buy a Raptor.

First – Pixel density/PPI

At 27″ and 2560×1440, the Raptor provides a crystal clear display experience at 109 PPI (compared to 81 PPI on a 1080p display). Your games are going to look super-sharp! Even demanding titles like Witcher 3. The brilliance of high resolution gaming is everything looks sharper – particularly at this size. In my review of the Acer VG240Y monitor, I suggested it is a unicorn because of it’s IPS panel and that it lives in the sweet-spot of 1080p displays: it’s 24″ and not 27″. If you spend hours gaming each week, and you can afford it, 27″ is the way to go. Even for work, text will sharper and you will have more screen real estate for your spreadsheets. I know of many folks who have bounced from multi-monitor setups back to a single monitor. In each case they are working with 1080p displays. And you have the diehards who use multiple 4K monitors – I don’t know anyone who does this, personally, but I have heard of it. Those folks aren’t gamers. For those who work during the day and game at night, the Raptor’s 27″ and 1440p resolution is an excellent compromise for a single display approach. Since buying the Raptor I have happily moved to a single display.

Second – Color Accuracy

The HDR 400 color representation is insane to behold. I don’t review a lot of monitors and, frankly, I rarely invest in monitors that cost more than $400. But HDR 400 has got it’s grip on me. While it’s not as bright as HDR 1000, colors on the Raptor pop. Reds and blues, especially, stand out in my experience. The level of color representation on the Raptor is far beyond what I have seen on the displays attached to gaming laptops. If you are considering a move to desktop PC, having a system that can pump out HDR at 1440p has made my recent move back to desktop gaming more justified. Granted, the costs of this monitor come into play. And, yes, don’t scream at me: I understand there are some gaming laptops that can handle 1440p gaming, but they’re expensive ($2,200+) and they are never equipped with a 1400p display. Although there are several 17″ gaming laptops with 4K displays, the included GPUs cannot produce a comfortable gaming experience (e.g. 60+ FPS at 4K). 

Third – Physical Adjustibility with cord-management

At $700 you get what you would expect – a highly adjustable hinge. While expected, it is still worth calling out as in addition to this adjustability you’re getting a substantial metal hinge with Chroma lighting attached to a cord-management system. I only wish it had a passthrough USB-C. Lastly, the back of the monitor is textured with a very comfortable fabric weave, which makes gripping the monitor easier and more comfortable. Also: fewer smudges. Well done, Razer! The Raptor is the complete package.

Technical Specifications

  • 27″ IPS Matte Display
  • WQHD resolution (2560×1440)
  • 1ms Response Time
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • HDR 400 Ready
  • Adaptive Sync Ready


If you have the appropriate hardware, you are going to love gaming on the Raptor. The only reliable retailer for purchasing the Raptor at the moment is Razer’s own website. Major retailers that typically carry Razer products, such as Amazon and Best Buy, have not had stock for months. After testing the Raptor for about a month, I ordered mine one for myself via Razer’s site.


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