The Power of Nintendo Takes Over June’s Geek Fuel Box (Review)

Jun 25, 2016

Grab your favorite overalls and that coveted Poke’ ball and prepare for June’s Nintendo filled Geek Fuel Box. June’s box features gamer goodies for fans of Nintendo, specifically Super Mario and Pokemon. If these two franchise aren’t your cup of tea unfortunately this box may not be for you, outside of a Sherlock Magna, everything in June’s box centers around Nintendo’s two biggest icons.

Nintendo’s most well known super star makes his presence know in June’s Geek Fuel box with some unique swag you will find nowhere else. One of the premiere items of this box is the Super 1-Up Planting Pot. A cute decorative planting pot taken straight out of Super Mario, its guaranteed to bring a little color to that dingy castle (Piranha Plant Not Included.) The planting pot although small is cute as a sewage pipe can be and will make a great place for some herbs. Other Mario inspired items included a couple of trinkets that my daughter has already claimed as her own. The Super Mario ink stamp and Pokemon temporary tattoos are a small, minor inclusion and while I have no interest in them, my daughter certainly got a huge kick out of her newest Nintendo merch.

In my line of work you can’t have enough stress balls, and luckily thanks to convention swag they are plentiful but Geek Fuel may have provided me with my favorite stress ball to date, and that’s saying a lot because I have seen/used thousands. The Turtle Trainer Stress Ball is the ultimate exercise in geeky stress relief. This squishy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Pokemon crossover item is simple, yet practical. The only draw back is it maybe a little too big for most hands, but it you find it doesn’t meet your stress relief needs it can always make a nice display item or chew toy for your resident domesticated beast.

We aren’t done with the Pokemon items as Geek Fuel’s featured item the Big League Pikachew t-shirt is a must have item for any fan of the pocket monster franchise. A cute and thoughtful piece of wearable art, this shirt where’s its love for Pokemon and the culture surrendering it on its sleeve. Personally while I find the Pokemon game enjoyable I am admittedly not a die-hard fan but I can already see the Ebay prices climbing and eager Pokemon fans try to get their hands on this one of a kind shirt. Well made, soft and undeniably adorable the Big League Pikachew t-shirt is a wearable collectors item you can’t live without.

DSC_0025 (640x427)

No gaming inspired box would be complete without an actual game. So June’s Geek Fuel box includes an 8-bit platformer that is an homage to our favorite titles of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Bit Evolution is Geek Fuel’s steam download for June and it perfectly fits the theme of this box. Presented on a card that resembles the Nintendo cartridges of old, Bit Evolution will have you traveling through video game history as our her BiT to become a pixel legend. The game looks and sounds promising and you can’t argue Geek Fuel’s ability to find the right games for their boxes.

DSC_0014 (640x549)

Last but not least are our items for the literary inclined. If Nintendo isn’t your thing then you might find more interest in the Sherlock Manga “A Study of Pink” #1. This stylized and very Japanese depiction of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock shakes up this box in an unexpected way while also offering a more “sophisticated” offering. If Japanese murder, mystery, manga isn’t your style then you always have the Geek Fuel Magazine which comes packed in every box. My favorite feature this month was the Cosplay section is which cosplayer Variable Cosplay is featured, and for those interested she was also a featured cosplayer on GWW, so this made it a little more cool. Whether you fancy yourself a manga reader or just love to shop geeky items and check out killer cosplay and don’t necessary dig Nintendo, then Geek Fuel has you covered.


In case you missed it here are all the items featured Geek Fuel’s May box.

  • Super 1-Up Planting Pot
  • Big League Pikachew T-Shirt
  • Turtle Trainer Stress Ball
  • Super Mario Ink Stamp
  • Pokemon Temporary Tattoo
  • Sherlock Manga “A Study in Pink” #1
  • BIT Evolution – Downloadable Steam Game

This Geek Fueled gaming session has come to its close and while I am not the biggest fan of any of the properties featured in this box (Mario, Pokemon, Sherlock) I do understand their geeky value. So while personally this box wasn’t a huge success in my eyes I know my friends will appreciate all the Nintendo swag I will be throwing there way. June’s Geek Fuel Box is definitely the most focused one to date and while this is a huge when if you a fan of Nintendo, it does leave the rest of us wanting more.

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