The Tiger’s Tongue #1: Mad Cave review

May 17, 2022

Mad Cave Studios


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The Tiger’s Tongue is an all-age fantasy comic series written that entices the reader by its beautiful illustrations and colors. The Grand Tiger, saved by a warrior pledged loyalty not only to the warrior but to his small village as well. The Grand Tiger bestowed the gift of protection, with powers and divine vision upon the people as it lay claim to the village people as its own. However, such a precious gift, comes with a price. … A price that will have to be paid.

Mad Cave Studios
Written by: Olivia Stephens
Art by: Diansakhu Banton-Perry
Inks by: Bex Glendining
Colors by : Bex Glendining
Letters by: Joamette Gil

The Art

Can we take a few moments and give some appreciation to the artwork of The Tiger’s Tongue? During my comic book browsing days, I remember picking up issues and flipping through the pages. Little did I know then, I was subconsciously looking at the illustrations. Not for its perfect lines or colors. Nope, not at all. Now I have realized that I looked for the visual aspect because personally, a graphic novel and/or comics must be visually appealing. And of course, a correlation between the story and the scenes playing out before me.

After all, pictures do speak a thousand words don’t they? Well, I’ll have you know that this issue had my attention on page one.  Scenes are depicted beautifully. And as you turn the pages, you can almost feel the emotions coming off the page.  The colors used are earthy, brown, yellow, orange and green are predominant which gives you a sense of the simple life often associated with spirituality. Rich vibrant colors draw your attention to certain aspects. Like for example, the cover of the issue, an eye on each of the women are notably blue, one on the right and one on the left. Doesn’t this bring to mind the ying and yang? The balance of life.

The final thoughts

I found that issue one of The Tiger’s Tongue did not need to have a dialogue to tell the story. In certain instances the artist used speech bubbles with squiggles to depict the noise of the crowd, which I found too interesting. A beautiful graphically told story. That is what this is. And the emotions, the deceit, the feeling of being rubbed up the wrong way? It’s tangible. Waiting in anticipation for issue 2!

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