The Ultimate GWW Gift Guide – 2021

Nov 23, 2021

It’s that time of year again when people all over are scrambling to get their lists together while being at a loss about what is different that not every geek may have. Look no further! The GWW staff have gathered some gift guide holiday cheer for you before the long lines on Friday. All prices are in USD from the publisher/distributor at the time of posting. Be sure to check pricing before purchase to ensure it hasn’t changed.

Gifts under $20

Boss Fight Books

This series of books provides in-depth discussion and reflection on a variety of video games. The breadth of genres covered provides opportunities for gift-givers to find a classic or modern game high on someone’s list. Each book is well researched and provides analysis into the game and developers. Boss Fight’s collection may not come to mind immediately. Fortunately, it will be a welcomed surprise to most gamers.

Submitted by: Percy Waelchl | Boss Fight Books - Starting at $4.95

Hallmark Ornaments

The perfect gift for the gamer in your life can be solved by a simple ornament. Hallmark Keepsake ornaments carry fan-favorite franchises like Mario, Pokémon, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Legend of Zelda. Check out their selections here.

Submitted by: Brian Villar | Hallmark Ornaments - Starting at $8.99

Unspottable | GrosChevaux

Unspottable’s concept is simple - can you spot the human players from the AI. Bots and players fill a variety of unique maps. Furthermore, each map creates new dynamics: blend in with dancers at a club, robots in a factory, shoppers in a store. Discovering how other players attempt to blend frequently in results surprising and hilarious gaming moments.

Submitted by: Percy Waelchl | Unspottable - $9.99

Five Nights at Freddy’s book series | Scholastic

Thought I’d talk about Minecraft again, huh? Not this time. This time I’m going to bring up my other video game obsession: Five Nights at Freddy’s. I love the lore, especially binging “Game Theory” videos on said lore. I own the games, but I don’t get many chances to be behind my computer anymore. So here I am with an alternative FNAF related gift for the one who may not have time to actually play the game.

Fazbear Frights. This is a collection of books, each with three short stories, centered around events within the “Fazbear Universe.” Many of the stories tie to the games by revealing new facets of pre-existing characters, while other stories reveal lore in a new light, making some storylines within the game franchise make a whole lot more sense!

Now, I don’t have these myself. I never got the chance to purchase them, but if I were to receive them as a gift, I would be elated! A way to get my FNAF fix without being behind the computer, and wrecking my eyesight even further (my eyesight is the pits!). I’ve heard many synopses of these stories (thank you MatPat and Dawko!), and oh wow. Do not let the fact these are published by Scholastic fool you. These stories are dark!

If you know a Five Nights at Freddy’s fan who is obsessed with the lore… this is a perfect gift idea!

Submitted by: Jessica Chaleff | Five Nights at Freddy’s Book Series - Starting at $9.99

The Resistance | AWA/Upshot Studios

With the holidays fast approaching and in search of the perfect gift, Geeks Worldwide has you covered. For the comic obsessed or even those who are just getting into comics, there is a bevy of books that make for great gifts. One suggestion would be The Resistance from AWA/Upshot studios. A superhero universe set in the 21st century that has it all — great storytelling, tremendous art, conspiracy, action, and drama. With a virus wiping out half the population, and with half of those surviving becoming endowed with superpowers — The Resistance will surely rope in any comic book reader. In addition to The Resistance, there is Resistance: Reborns, The Resistance: Uprising, Moths, E-Ratic, and Knighted which are all in the same universe. Lots of great titles with lots of entertainment to be had.

While the premise of this superhero story revolves around a virus wiping out half the population, it is without a doubt a page-turner that will pull in any comic book fan.

Submitted by: Dr. Joseph Gilmore | The Resistance - $9.99

Lumberjanes Vol. 1 | Boom! Studios

Lumberjanes is one of the best young adult comic series I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading! Do you know someone in your life who is a huge goofball, who might feel like an outsider, that needs to be reminded how wonderful their uniqueness is? This is the gift for them! Lumberjanes focuses on 5 friends who have to survive summer camp together, in between chaos, wholesome adventures, and supernatural creatures! If you know someone who loves shows like Gravity Falls and She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, they’ll enjoy this one! I recommend this to anyone 13 or older. 

Submitted by: Lauren Smith | Lumberjanes Volume 1 - $14.99

Hollow Knight | Team Cherry

Indie Games are often marketed to a small degree and have no fan fair around them. They often cost a small amount and can be just as good or better than the big-budget, big studio games. Hollow Knight is a game that every gamer should play. It’s also a game that the majority of gamers don’t even know exists. Platforming and customization to the highest level. Available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. For the gamer that has everything, I bet they don’t have this game.

Submitted by: Emmet Davis | Hollow Knight - $19.99

X-Men ’92 Vol. 1: The World is a Vampire TPB | Marvel

Fall in love with superheroes thanks to X-Men: The Animated Series in the ‘90s? Looking for another story with those characters ahead of X-Men ‘97? Or maybe you never watched the show and want to know what all the fuss is about? Look no further. Chris Sims and Chad Powers pay great respect to the show, as the two have their own stories set in the same universe. Of course, Alti Firmansyah’s art style gives this story a similar vibe, visually, to the show. Cost:

Submitted by: Nick Friar | X-Men ’92 Vol. 1 - $15.99

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure | ustwo games

Platformers have transformed a lot over the years. Still, when I find a title that takes all the adventure or collecting aspects and puts the player in a relaxed environment I am amazed. In Alba, you play as a young girl hoping to keep an island safe and beautiful. Explore and discover at a leisure pace suitable for the games paradise locale. Alba is the type of game that offers players a no-rush opportunity to experience all it has to offer.

Submitted by: B Ferg | Alba: A Wildlife Adventure $16.99

Shadecraft Vol. 1 | Image

Shadecraft is easily one of the best stories of 2021. There’s a reason it got picked up for a TV Series by Netflix already! You know how so many supernatural stories are compared to Buffy nowadays, but none quite have that *spark* that Buffy did? Shadecraft has that spark and more! It’s the perfect mix of supernatural action, goofy humor, and quality family storytelling. The art is out of this world, and we already know we can look forward to more Shadecraft in the future, so if you like this story, it doesn’t stop here! I’d recommend this to any teen or young adult in your life the most, but this is something that older adults can enjoy too!

Submitted by: Lauren Smith | Shadecraft Volume 1 - $16.99

God of War | Sony Interactive Entertainment

You may have played this game or may not have. You may have set your controller down for a while, or heck not even bought the latest next-gen console. If for some reason you have lost interest in gaming, then I suggest much as I did, is to buy God of War for PS4.  One of, if not the, best PS4 exclusive games that transcend what fans thought they knew of Kratos and the Gods of Olympus. Pick it up for cheap on the Playstation Store today.

Submitted by: Emmet Davis | God of War - $19.99

Gifts up to $50

Minky Woodcock: The Girl Who Electrified Tesla Vol.2 | Titan Comics

Historical fiction drags for me at times; however, Minky Woodcock doesn’t drag for a second! This is a brilliant fictional story that revolves around real facts. Nikola Tesla was in love with a pigeon? Edison was actually a cruel person? Donald Trump’s uncle was a scientist recruited by the FBI? Yes, yes, and yes! If you never knew these things, you will learn this and more in this amazing graphic novel. It’s well-paced and beautifully drawn! Cynthia Von Buhler created, drew, and wrote it! How wild is that? There is mature content in this, so I would recommend this to any adult in your life. If you missed out on the first volume, not to fear, I recommend that one as well!

Submitted by: Lauren Smith | Minky Woodcock Volume 2 $24.99

The Awkward Storyteller

(Ages 15+, 4-11 players) First-line card prompts for a fast story. Uses card with “seed” line: the player selects and reads it, then others use their cards. The main player must use at least one special word or letter from others’ to build a story before the timer runs out.

Submitted by: Tara Woolfolk | The Awkward Storyteller $24.99


(Ages 14+) Social competition: who knows you? Questions seem basic, yet thought-provoking. Can see this being eye-opening and a great “one-shot play” gaming idea. Bonus: easily adaptable to virtual play. Questions are brief enough to share orally without losing the fun of knowing each other better.

Submitted by: Tara Woolfolk | Pando $25

Herd Mentality | Big Potato Games

Thankfully this game isn’t politically motivated. Still, it does involve voting and tallying as well as following the crowd. Players are asked innocent enough questions like how to cook an egg. The strategy comes from choosing how you answer. Herd thinking brings a reward but there is something to be said for thinking outside the box. Especially when the win is at stake.

Submitted by: B Ferg | Herd Mentality $29.99

Dark Nights: Death Metal - Deluxe Edition Hardcover | DC Comics

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s last ride at DC. Does anything else need to be said? This pair was tasked with resetting things at DC — well, there’s a bit more to that, but you’ll have to read to find out. If you like dire consequences with legacy characters that actually carry weight, this is the book for you. Not to mention, there’s nonstop action, and Capullo creates some of the most insane designs for characters everyone has come to know well, either through comics or the big screen. Perfect for readers who took a break from DC Comics and thinking about getting back in or someone looking to read comics for the first time. Also a great display piece for longtime DC fans.

Submitted by: Nick Friar | Dark Nights: Death Metal $29.99

Game Builder Garage | Nintendo

Why spend those casual gaming moments playing someone else’s game? Game Builder Garage allows you to make a variety of games using a visual interface to create the actions. Tutorials help break things down and then players are free to create codes to bring their imaginations to life.

Submitted by: B Ferg | Game Builder Garage $29.99

Articulate | Tomy Games

Any game that requires players to talk, while reinforcing choosing your words wisely is bound to be a winner among families. In Articulate your team attempts to navigate around the board by guessing words correctly. Up to four teams, with as many as 20 players, will find themselves attempting to guess the answer from 6 subjects such as Geography, Nature and Person. Without using “rhymes with” or “sounds like” hints the game is won by the team that can best articulate.

Submitted by: B Ferg | Articulate $29.99

Convert | Breaking Games

No gift guide would be complete without some not so classic board games. This board game is made to withstand what you throw at it. The all-wood construction makes the pieces sturdy and easy to track. We found that each side gets at least one point almost every turn. The really crucial turns are if a side gets two or the dreaded no points. We have found ourselves going back to this intimate, 2-player game time and time again.

Submitted by: Heather E Houston | Convert - $30

Legend of Zelda Game and Watch  | Nintendo

This highly portable retro handheld is geared towards fans of the classic 8-bt era of Zelda games. Included on this device are Zelda I and II as well as the original Link’s Awakening for Game Boy. The display is small but bright and sharp. And you can enjoy surprisingly good sound quality from the speakers.

Submitted by: Joe Barhoum | Nintendo Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda HXBSMAAAB - $49.99

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl | Nintendo

All-Star Brawl is an easy to pick up and play Super Smash Bros.-like platform fighter. Families of every age will find characters they remember and enjoy some chaotic battles. While Smash Bros. is a more polished and expansive game, All-Star Brawl is out on all platforms making it more accessible to any group. Developer Ludosity’s skill and experience in this genre result in an approachable game for casual players and a nuanced fighter for those looking to learn move sets. The budget game approach limits the production value, but it keeps the price affordable for family members looking for a gift.

Submitted by: Percy Waelchl | Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl - $49.99

Gifts up to $100

Spawn Compendium Volume 1 | Image Comics

The first 50 issues of this quintessential series were what my husband’s hidden teenage heart needed this year. The first Spawn Compendium is just that – the first 50 issues of the groundbreaking series. The quality is just what you’d hope for from an Image product. This compendium is a book for a reader or a collector, though; I can’t imagine being able to accomplish both due to the sheer magnitude of this book and how much you’ll want to flip through the pages. The rich, saturated color palette will have you soaking up every gory detail of the story.

Submitted by: Heather E Houston | Spawn Compendium Volume 1 - $59.99

Stadia | Google

While Stadia did not become a gaming revolution, it remains an easy and accessible way for anyone to try out a variety of games without purchasing a console or PC. Stadia runs on most phones, tablets, and computers. A monthly subscription of Stadia Pro can be gifted or the Premier set with a controller and Chromecast is frequently discounted. Both provide ways for casual players to try games across genres with little commitment.

Submitted by: Percy Waelchl | Google Stadia - Starting at $69

Luna | AMazon

Falling out of video games happens to the best of us and trying to get back in is daunting. Thankfully with an Amazon Luna subscription, you can stream games like Control, Mega Man 11, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, and many more. Amazon Luna Subscription starts at $5.99 a month and Luna controller is a $69.99 one-time purchase.

Submitted by: Brian Villar | Amazon Luna - Starting at $69.99 before subscription

Productivity Keyboard: Logitech MX Keys | Logitech

Strong battery life, a full number pad, and good backlighting are the perfect recipe for a productivity keyboard. Logitech nailed it with the MX Keys. And it’s just $100!

Submitted by: Joe Barhoum | Logitech MX Keys Advanced Full-size Wireless Scissor Keyboard for PC and Mac with Backlit keys Black 920-009295 - $99.99

Mouse: Razer Pro Click Mouse | Razer

If you find the MX Master 3 to be too much mouse, look nowhere other than the Razer Pro Click. This mouse is smooth with good battery life and precision. I just wish it charged via USB-C instead of MicroUSB. I have been driving this mouse for more than a year and it has never let me down. And, yes, I do game with it.

Submitted by: Joe Barhoum | Razer Pro Click: Designed with Humanscale Wireless Mouse Mercury RZ01-02990100-R3U1 - $99.99

Gifts up to $500

Switch | Nintendo

Young fledgling gamers will remember opening a Nintendo Switch for decades. Most games are PG-friendly and easy to control. Set up and update the system before that pinnacle moment, as it is so hard for little ones to wait. The setup could include an online membership that will come with a plethora of vintage games.

Submitted by: Heather E Houston | Nintendo Switch - Starting at $299.99

Gaming Monitor: Dell S2721DGF - 27” IPS | Dell

While my primary monitor is the Razer Raptor, my secondary is the more affordable, and similar, Dell S2721DGF. It features a QHD resolution, G-SYNC, and FreeSync, as well as a sturdy stand. Color reproduction is strong for creatives, gamers, and non-gamers. While it retails for $450, Best Buy tends to discount it to $380 every few months.

Submitted by: Joe Barhoum | Dell S2721DGF 27″ Gaming IPS QHD FreeSync and G-SYNC compatible monitor with HDR (DisplayPort, HDMI) Accent Grey DCY89 - $329.99 (on sale from Dell at the moment of posting)

Gifts over $500

Gaming laptop: Lenovo Legion 5 Pro or Legion 5i Pro | LEnovo

Lenovo’s Legion 5 Pro and 5i Pro are excellent gaming laptops that offer strong performance, a variety of configuration options, and are overall a good value. I love the aggressive design! This is one of the few gaming laptops with a 16″ QHD display with a 16:10 aspect ratio. Meaning it’s great at both work and play.

Submitted by: Joe Barhoum | Legion 5 Pro 16″ Gaming Laptop with RTX - Starting at $1039.99 (on sale at Lenovo at the moment of posting)

Ultrabook: Razer Book 13 (2021) | Razer

Razer fixed the keyboard with this new 2021 model of the Razer Book 13. This is the best Windows ultrabook for most users. It also has an anti-glare screen to help reduce eye strain and negate the need to ramp up your brightness, which helps with the 10-12 hours of battery life I’ve been getting for the few weeks I’ve owned this one. I recommend the i7 model with 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD.

Submitted by: Joe Barhoum | Razer Book 13.4″ FHD+ Touch Screen Laptop Intel Evo Platform Intel Core i7 16GB Memory 512GB SSD Mercury RZ09-0357MEM2-R3U1 $1399.99 (on sale at Razer at the moment of posting)

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