The Walking Dead: Dead or Alive

Nov 23, 2022

11 seasons. From small beginnings to an endless future. The Walking Dead has been and may continue to be (through The Walking Dead Universe) one of the biggest shows of all time. A show that at certain point took over pop culture. The definition of water cooler talk, The Walking Dead was must watch for multiple seasons every Sunday. Peaks and Valleys overall from the 11 seasons. But one thing that has stayed constant throughout its run? The impact the show has left on the fans.

The final season was broken up into 3 parts, that spanned 2 years. With the end here, and The Universe expanding. What has been the impact of the show? Will that impact reverberate into the multiple spinoffs coming from AMC?

*Mild Spoilers ahead*

The Dead

There was never a cure, never an end. There was always the question, “how will the story end?” After the finale, our “heroes” were left with everything they were fighting for. For so many years, all Carol, Daryl, Maggie, Ezekiel, Aaron and co. were looking for, was somewhere they could live there lives in peace. Somewhere they could grow. Anywhere to raise a family and find solace in the fact that they could go to bed without fear. In the end for the Walking Dead, that’s exactly what they found. The spin-offs will tell a different tale. But with the end of The Walking Dead there is no cliff hanger death, no on coming zombie hoard. Alexandria is re built, the Commonwealth is strong. Yes there were deaths along the way, but what is left after the fighting is done, is more than the “heroes” could ask for.

Having the the “heroes” actually have a happy ending, is something that not a lot of people could have seen coming. Game of Thrones has always been a show where there is a feeling that no one is safe. With The Walking Dead after 11 seasons, that was never more prominent. There has always been the core of the group (and with the spinoffs announced, some characters we knew were not going to die) but the show always had the tension of no one being safe. Having most of the “heroes” survive? Its both a good and a bad thing. The fact of a happy ending is one of a breath of fresh air. Sentimentality takes top spot over the gruesome and the more realistic
result -death- . The dead have not prevailed but given life to new beginnings. Ending any series can be tough, but one where the end may never come? That’s even harder to pull off.

The Living

The Living

Daryl Dixon
Dead City
Rick and Michonne
Tales of The Walking Dead
Fear The Walking Dead
Beyond The Walking Dead

The dead will continue to walk, but the humans who have survived are expanding The Walking Dead Universe. Beyond The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and Tales of The Walking Dead have in some cases been airing for a few seasons already. The Universe? It’s already expanded. What the new shows will do, is give us faces we already know. Ones we hate and ones that we love will grace the screen again and make it feel familiar.

Fan favorite Norman Reedus will travel to Paris? Yes that is the case with Daryl Dixon. Of all the spinoffs announced and in production at this point, this might be the most strange. Even the Negan and Maggie team up isn’t as weird. Dixon since season 1 has been a staple for the show. Seeing his grumpy, stoic nature make the cross-ocean, new continent trek makes the show a must watch on concept alone. Rick and Michonne making there return (seeing them on the series finale was a nice tease) as some of the GOAT’s of the TV and Comic series will be an instant draw for fans.

Are you excited for the spinoffs? Is The Walking Dead Universe worthy of the shows that are coming? The magic that held through all 11 seasons of the show (yes there were some valleys) may not show up in the spinoffs. The dead will walk and the living will be there to greet them regardless.

TWD Universe
The Dead

The AFterLife

What is the legacy of a show that last 11 seasons and 147 episodes. A show that has already produced spin offs and world building shows. A show that is the biggest show on cable TV. The Walking Dead perfected water cooler conversations. Pop culture was the never the same after that first episode back in 2010. The show started off as the biggest of all time. The Walking Dead took over the culture of appointment viewing. Whatever has been said of the quality of the product that was The Walking Dead. Whatever your thoughts, or the thoughts of others. There is no denying the legacy that will continue on. After the 147 episodes of some great, and some awful the legacy of any show that lasted over 10 years will be felt for years to come.

The Walking Dead was always about the psychology of the human characters, rather than focusing on its shocking moments and blood soaked zombie’s. And with the end behind us and the future in front. The living will always be the greatest threat.