The White Tress #1 (Review)

The White Trees 1 of 2
Image Comics

Words by: Chip Zdarsky
Art by: Kris Anka
Letter by: Aditya Bidikar
Colors by: Matt Wilson

The White Trees is a limited series by Chip Zdarsky and Kris Anka. It takes places in a fictional world of the Black Sand and follows the journey of three legendary heroes as they try and rescue their children. This already seems like an overused trope but with Zdarsky writing, there should be more flesh to the story.

Zdarsky is able to create a unique world in black sands by having a range of characters that are not the typical ones for this type of story. This is one of the strongest aspects of the book as we learn that this isn’t the typical family structure with some of the heroes and that it is more modern then medieval. Zdarsky is able to use these social norms and help push the story and the characters in a way that many writers would not attempt.

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 Anka, not missing a beat, is able to keep a traditional art style with a personal flair added in. This flair helps the characters gain their independence and fosters that unique feel. With such an overused trope, Anka is similar to Zdarsky, by making the characters his own. The more mature scenes are handled perfectly, as the art maintains a steady plot progression.

The biggest weakness that plagues The White Trees is the tired, often overused fantasy trope. However, by adding modern norms, it helps differentiate the tale from other similar stories, but it is still rooted in the ultimate journey to rescue their children.

The White Trees it is a good story. Since the story is only two parts, it is short and to the point. Zdarsky and Anka have done a wonderful job with the characters and the art. With the second part coming out next month we can see a quick end to a story that most authors would try to prolong, adding longevity without reason.

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The White Trees #1




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