The Witness’ first week of sales is better than Braid’s first year

Feb 1, 2016

After only a week of release, Jonathon Blow’s critically-acclaimed The Witness could surpass the 1st year sales of Blow’s previous game Braid.

This is according to Blow’s statement on Twitter:

While this is great news for Blow, who spent the last 7 years making The Witness, it isn’t actually that surprising. This game sells for $40 and is available on PS4, PC, and Humble, making it more expensive and on more platforms than Braid.

Still, even with all of those things considered, the fact that The Witness is doing so well is great news, especially for the thriving and growing Indie Games market. Braid cost close to $200K to make and raked in $4 million in revenue.

Whether The Witness can accomplish a similar feat or completely surpass it remains to be seen, but in its first week, things aren’t looking bad at all.