The Wonder Woman Movie Has Found Its Hippolyta

Jan 17, 2016

Wonder Woman’s mother has been cast! Hippolyta Queen of the Amazons will be played by actress Connie Nielsen. Royalty is a role she is familiar with as you may also recognize her from Ridly Scott’s Gladiator as Queen Lucilla. Originally we had heard Nicole Kidman was up for the role of Wonder Woman’s mother but it appears scheduling conflicts got in the way and she was unable to be cast.


Nielsen should fit the role well as she already possess the pose and beauty of an Immortal Queen. Plus as stated earlier, she has the experience. While Warner Bros. does lose a little star power without the casting of Kidman. I think Connie Nielsen will fit the role nicely and offer us a strong, elegant, and compassionate Hippolyta. She will apparently round out the cast of our heroes along side Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor. We are still waiting to hear about casting for our villains though as its rumored that the sorceress Circe and God of War Ares will be battling Princess Diana in the film

So let’s hear what you think. Do you feel like Connie Nielsen is good casting for Queen Hippolyta and if not, who would you have picked?

Source: The Hollywood Report


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