The X-Men Are Gearing Up for The MCU

Mar 9, 2021

When Disney bought Fox the big quesiton on everyone’s mind was when will we see the X-Men and Fantastic Four arrive in the MCU. Well now we know the Fantastic Four are on their way thanks to director Jon Watts but we have still been waiting on news about the mutants of Marvel.

Thanks to The Illuminerdi, we may now have a clearer picture on the future of the X-Men in the MCU. The site is reporting via Marvel Studios is developing a new project entitled The Mutants and it’s intended to act as the MCU X-Men reboot. No other information is available outside of the fact that Kevin Feige is listed as producer on the upcoming feature, but we’ve known for a bit it was only a matter of time before the X-Men and Mutants made their debut in the MCU.

The name choice is the most interesting as it does indicate Marvel maybe taking a different approach to the X-Men and trying to definitively separate it from the Fox films. We will keep you posted as more on this project developments but in the meantime this is certainly and exciting step in the future of the MCU.

Source: The Illuminerdi