There’s no rest for the wicked in Batman: Rebirth #1 (Review)

Jun 1, 2016

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batman1Batman: Rebirth #1
DC Comics

Story By: Scott Snyder, Tom King
Art By: Mikel Janin
Colors: June Chung

Before King takes over the title later this month, he and Snyder have joined forces bring us this impressive One-Shot.

DC: Rebirth #1 kicked off with a bang, revealing a shocking revelation which revealed there was not only one Joker but three Jokers. We don’t not get an appearance from any of said Jokers, however, this issue, co-written by Scott Snyder and Tom King, has Batman facing off against another familiar foe, Calendar Man. batman 2

This issue perfectly portrays the resilience of the Batman as we seem him time-and-time-again face daring life-threatening obstacles to in order save the day. There is a specific panel where we get a preview of Bruce’s insane training regimen, only to realize throughout the issue that there is a method to this madness. Bruce continues to push himself mentally and physically to prepare himself for challenges ahead.

Duke Thomas, whose parents met a horrible fate in Endgame makes his return. Previously, batman 3Duke Thomas, became one of the heroes during the Mr. Bloom storyline. In this issue, he returns as the newest member of the Bat-Family and Batman’s newest disciple. His codename is not yet revealed however, it’s very clear he isn’t just another Robin. We also see the return of Jim Gordon in his signature coat and mustache.

King and Snyder do a brilliant sets up what is to come ahead for The Dark Knight, as we are literally taken through the seasons Batman continues to do what he does best. Duke also expresses some doubt as he expresses that villains like Calendar Man will continue to come back better every time. Bruce, being an all-around bad ass that he is, simply shrugs it off, “…We come back better each time, too…” This line was beautifully written and gave me chills.bruce

The artwork was done by Mikel Janin, whose credited for work on GRAYSON and Justice League Dark. Everything from the the details action scenes, the shadows to the facial expressions are well done. I loved getting to see more of the new Batsuit since its debut at the end of Capullo’s run. Seriously though, can we just take a moment to talk about how good looking Wayne is in this as well? The panel at the end with Bruce and Duke training was a great ode to Year One.

With Rebirth in full-swing, Batman: Rebirth #1 proves we are just getting started. Batman is in great hands with Tom King. Batman will return in Batman #1 hitting shelves June 15th.

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