May 29, 2022

Thor: Love and Thunder will hit the big screens in July with a modest run time of just over 2 hours. Though this might be a reason for concern we are not here to discuss that. Now that the second trailer has dropped and as usual it took me a couple of days to have a watch, re-watch, and finally a watch and pause. In order to seek what should not be found and speculate on the speculative.


Let’s talk about how the trailer starts - with the same tree that we saw in the teaser trailer,. Thor is still meditating, but there is a difference. This time, if you look to the right, you will notice two figures walking up to him. So who are these two individuals? In the next scene, the tree is in the background as Korg talks to the children - whose blue skin is similar to the people Thor and the Guardians are seen protecting in both trailers. Later on, the trailer reveals Valkyrie is on this planet as well. So the most likely candidates are Star-Lord and Valkyrie. Possibly heading to give Odinson a pep talk?

Thor Img

There is a montage of scenes but the next big question comes at 0:27 - 0:35. Here Thor and some “civilians” seem to be throwing down in the streets of New Asgard. I am wondering about the black monsters - possibly the minions of Gorr known as the Black Berserkers - that isn’t what interests me. As Mjolnir flies toward Thor in the first scene, the hero is not in armor. The scene shifts to Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor and back to Thor who now is wearing a goofy helmet. Are we seeing two different scenes here or is this battle in the streets of New Asgard so intense that Thor needs an upgrade?

A montage that features what feels like Thor and Jane rebuilding their relationship. What’s interesting is that the Mighty Thor seems to be flying a winged horse - much like the one Valkyrie rides during the final battle in EndGame.

No Love Lost

Gorr - Thor: Love and Thunder

Now on to the big reveal Gorr the god Butcher. Over the last couple of days, people have flipped their @#$@ about how Gorr looks.  Maybe the MCU is choosing not to let the big-screen appearance of a major character look like a mixture between Lord Voldemort and Jar Jar Binks. This design in the trailer is terrifying, with the look and feel of something you should not trifle with. Sorry, back to the trailer. We also get to see the source of Gorr’s power as the god Butcherer pulls out All-Black the Necrosword

Falligar the Behemoth has shown up in both trailers. Why? To showcase the immense strength of Thor. Falligar is no push-over. I mean he is the patron god of the galactic frontier the champion of the tournament of immortals. This behemoth wrestles black holes for fun. So at what level of power does this put Gorr?

After a scene that shows a fight in Olympus, we get a bit of dialogue where Jane proclaims this is her first bad guy. Is she referring to Gorr, or perhaps an Olympian who hasn’t been revealed? If it is Gorr then the next scene confirms Odison’s response to Jane’s. Though the god killer’s grip on the Necrosword was strange the image of Gorr plunging his sword into this moon/planet is “unforgettable”. But what exactly is this “bad guy” destroying? Is this a flashback to Gorr killing some deity?


Zeus - Thor: Love and Thunder

We jump into a black and white scene - similar to Gorr’s vine sequence from earlier in the trailer. In this world/dimension, Korg is fighting alongside Valkyrie, now using Zeus’ lightning bolt. Is this a loaner? Or has Zeus fallen?

We then jump to Thor fighting Olympian guards in Olympus. Now, if you look closely it looks like Thor is using the same lighting strands that they used to bound him. Although you will notice this if you look at the later scene and then go back to this one.

We get a peek at Drax and Nebula doing what they do best, but where are the rest of the Guardians? The first trailer shows them all battling alongside Thor so I’m not concerned about the crew. The thing that caught my attention occurred at 1:47 as Jane summons lighting in a chamber with statues. These specific statues showcase Marvel’s cosmic entities. Pause on this scene and have a look at it. We can see the following the head of the Living Tribunal and the Watcher on the left. This leaves open the possibility for the heads to the right to be those of Lady Death, Eternity, and then Infinity.

Last let’s talk about the scene with the flick - most notably let’s look at the tattoo on Thor’s back. Is this a symbol, enhancement, or homage to his fallen companions, maybe even his brother Loki?

Well, this is what I got from the second trailer. I might have missed some details I am only human. I will leave the god saving to the Thor’s as Thor: Love and Thunder releases on July 8th, 2022.

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