Time Travel, Die, Repeat in “Time Warriors #1”–Review

May 12, 2015

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TW coverTime Warriors #1
New Worlds Comics

Written by: Guy Hasson
Art by: Juan Manuel Almiron

One of the most difficult things to do in any story telling medium let alone comics is to create a time traveling story that is interesting, compelling, and makes sense. Many have attempted and few have succeed as the time traveling genre presents a lot of difficulties. It’s a difficult task for any creative but as far as I have seen Time Warriors from Guy Hasson and New Worlds Comics is one of these unique gems that understands the how to use time travel as an interesting narrative device without becoming over complicated or scientific.

Time Warriors takes place in a future where our best weapon against our enemies is time travel tw 1espionage. It’s a complicated idea that is even more complicated by the fact that every mission is usually the agent’s last, at least for the time being. Image that Tom Cruise movie but its government sanctioned, their are no aliens and not just one person is experiencing it. While the very basic idea is the same live, die, repeat Hasson’s version is much more involved. I’ll admit Hasson’s premise is a lot to wrap your head around but let’s be honest every good time travel story usually is. In the beginning I did ask myself, where is this only going? But due to Hasson’s awareness of the reader and the difficulties that an idea like this can present I was quickly brought up to speed. Once I understood how this world worked I immediately began to enjoy our introductions to the characters as they graduated to become Time Warriors.

tw 3Accompanying Guy Hasson on this journey is artist Juan Manuel Almiron who brings some great pencil work to each panel. Almiron use of light and shadow brings out details that are seldom seen in this style. Color is also a huge highlight of Almiron’s art as he uses every color in the spectrum to create a beautifully vibrant world. Once panel in particular featuring a sniper with the moon behind her was especially memorable as the purple hues seem to be cause the moon to glow.

Time Warriors #1 can be a difficult concept to understand and will definitely leave you with questions by its end but Hasson and Almiron are telling an ambitious and unique story that will have any fan of Time Travel intrigued. I encourage every fan of the genre to give this book a shot as I can at least say its probably unlike anything you have read before. Hasson knows how to tell a tale that’s never been told and Time Warriors #1 is no exception.