Titans #12 Exclusive Preview

Jun 8, 2017

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During the events in ‘The Lazarus Contract’, Damian comes up with a drastic plan to take out Kid Flash in the past to cut Deathstroke off from his speed ability. Although the plan worked, this caused a whirlwind of events to unravel. Damian kicked Kid Flash off the team, meanwhile we discover the Titan’s Flash finds has a pacemaker and decides to retire from being a superhero. After watching his son leave him for the second time, Deathstroke also hangs up his mask. Although the Titans have saved the day, The effects of The Lazarus Contract leave the team in a fractured state. Pick up Titans #12 next week, as the team tries to pull themselves together and Omen visits with Psimon in prison.

“Bad Omen”! After the stunning events of “The Lazarus Contract” rocked the Titans to their core and called into question the team’s leadership, Omen discovers the shocking truth about their future—that one of their very own is destined to betray them…and it could be anyone! 

Titans #12
DC Comics
Written By: Dan Abnett
Art By: Kenneth Rocafort
Colors by: Dan Brown
Letters by: Josh Reed
Available on June 14th, 2017


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