‘Titans’ 1×10 “Koriand’r” Review

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Titans Seaons 1, Episode 10 “Koriand’r

Picking up where episode eight left off, Dick and Donna show up at Angela’s house to stop Kory from killing Rachel. After everyone settles down, Angela kicks Kory out and Dick and Donna follow her. Back at the house, everything is not as it seems with Rachel’s mother, and no one is there to stop what’s coming.

This episode is the best example of what a series focused on the Titans should be. Ample screen time for all the characters, story progression with normal pacing, and well thought out characterization that doesn’t feel forced or out of place. ‘Titans’ shouldn’t be a show focused on one character, it should be an ensemble with equal screentime for all the characters. So far, we’ve just seen Dick Grayson and friends, but this episode was different. I do wish the title wasn’t so misleading though, as Kory didn’t have nearly as much screen time as Gar or Rachel.

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Anna Diop shined as Koriand’r for the first time in the entire show. She wasn’t an unapologetic murderer anymore, she was an alien with a backstory that gave her some depth. Dick taking a backseat was exactly what the show needed as well. I love Brenton Thwaites as much as the next guy, but he was starting to become too much of an overbearing presence. Gar finally got some screen time, which was wonderful. Watching what was happening to Rachel and what Angela was doing  to her through his eyes was a masterful way of showing how everything went to hell. The introduction of Seamus Dever’s character was absolutely bone-chilling, but I won’t spoil that here. All the characters just seemed to fall into place and I hope the show can maintain this for seasons to come. 

This episode was the one that ‘Titans’ has been building to. A slow burn worked well for a while, but that is over now. We finally have a show focused on an ensemble of outsiders coming together to fight evil, which is exactly what we’ve been waiting to see, and I couldn’t be happier about it. 


Titans 1X10




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