Titans #32 Review

Jan 1, 2019


Titans #32
​DC Comics

​Written by: Dan Abnett
​Art by: Clayton Henry
​Colored by: Marcelo Maiolo
​Lettered by: David Sharpe

Don’t expect to see our heroes in this issue of Titans as this time we take a whole issue to dive into our villain known as Mother Blood. Picking up where our team is hearing a call for help while Beast Boy is being used as a vessel to communicate the team from the Unearth. It’s a simple setup to lead where our heroes will go next but instead, we’re immediately taken to the beginning of Mother Blood and shown how she came into leading the Cult of Blood. A cult is nothing new for Titans to deal with but when we get a new villain.

I always enjoy it when they take the time for us to really get to know a villain that should be sold as someone that can really hurt this team. She could’ve simply been thrown in and after a few scraps be taken down but that’s just not how you build a rogue of villains. What I love though is how it shows not only how she came into the cult before leading it, but also how even within this group that there were doubters of the path to power that they were being led towards. This to me has been also one of the better ways of how they have been handling the after-effects of the source wall. Having succumbed to this power too seems to have corrupted her and not only is she someone to lead a group, but it’s very clear that she has power and is wanting to take control of the planet.

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I think the art team had a lot of fun with this issue too because I just enjoyed every page with Mother Blood on it so much. The sight of her is threatening and her hunger for power with a smile of confidence just makes me want to read more about her. She’s quite a joy to look at and it makes me hope that they will continue to build her to be someone that continues a fight against the Titans in the long run. I also want to give props to the letterer who did well in giving Mother Blood just a small bit of character when she speaks and even making the word bubbles very different when Beast Boy is being used to talk to the team from possession. This all seems like its going to lead a very exciting adventure for the Titans who feels very much in control of every action that they will take. 

Final Verdict 8/10

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