Titans Season 3 (Review)

Aug 6, 2021

Titans originally debuted on DC Universe as part of DC’s slate of self produced shows, along with “Doom Patrol” and “Swamp Thing.” It was “Titans” that had the most potential. The characters in the show are known to general audiences, due to the cartoons and comics establishing the team as fan favorites, along with the Justice league.

The first 2 seasons of Titans received mostly positive reactions, however it seemed to always be missing a piece or two. The build up exciting, yet the finales disappointing. The first two seasons garnered enough interest, and a third season was greenlit. In August of 2020 “Doom Patrol” rolled out season 2 on the new streaming service HBO Max, and shortly after it was announced that both “Doom Patrol” and “Titans” would debut new episodes on HBO Max.

Warner Media and HBO Max would allow for bigger budgets, and more well known names to come in and direct, produce, etc. DC Universe was simply not equipped to handle shows of this caliber, especially as the stories got bigger, and more extensive. If only Swamp Thing could get its second chance on HBO Max, cancelled before season 1 even aired, due to behind the scenes issues, and how expensive it was to film on the swamp.

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Season 3: A New Beginning

The first 5 episodes available to press, of Titans Season 3 are among the better of DC shows. From the choreography of the action sequences, to the soundtrack, improvements from the previous seasons were noticeable. Episode 1 titled “Barbara Gordon” opens, and we get the sequence from the trailer that shows Jason Todd hell bent on stopping Joker. Bruce tells Jason to stand down, but, we know Jason Todd, and he is not the best at following orders. Much of this season relates back to that very theme. We first see the Titans, and they are working as a well oiled machine. Minus Hawk and Dove who are in Washington D.C, Hank/Hawk(Alan Ritchson) now working with the local police department, and Dawn/Dove (Minka Kelly) still working as Dove.

Titans over 3 seasons has explored the relationships between Dick Grayson(Brenton Thwaites), Bruce Wayne(Iain Glen), and Jason Todd(Curran Walters). Season 3 seems to be no exception, sometimes even forgetting that the show is called Titans. Characters who are amongst the main team, feel more like guest stars at points.

The Titans

Starfire(Anna Diop) is struggling with intense blackouts that put the team in danger, as she is not in control. Raven/Rachel(Teegan Croft) Is on Themyscira trying to bring Donna Troy Back to life. Conner (Joshua Orpin), is struggling to come to terms with being a clone of Lex Luthor. He develops a friendly and comedic relationship with Beast Boy(Ryan Potter). Joking around about who is super and who is not. Beast Boy shows glimpses of his Teen Titans counterpart, however, the series quickly moves on from sub plots. Jumping back into the main storyline, even when the subplots are worthy of getting their time in the limelight.

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Season 3 introduces a villain who fans will be familiar with, in an homage to Hannibal Lecter, Jonathan Crane aka The Scarecrow is introduced. The GCPD is using Crane to consult on cases that include something out of the ordinary. Vincent Kartheiser plays Crane to perfection. Crane is the bridge, for the audience to delve into the mind of not only Dick Grayson but, Jason Todd as well.

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A dark and gritty retelling of a familiar story.

“Titans” has been from the start, a bold, gritty, take on the Batman mythos. The show explores the dynamic between Batman and his sidekicks, showing the audience a side rarely seen on screen. Titans season 3 takes inspiration from storylines “A Death In The Family,” and “Under The Red Hood”. We see a vulnerable and defeated Bruce Wayne. Admitting that he is no longer what Gotham City needs. A Dick Grayson trying to step out of batman’s shadow, only to be forced back into it. The introduction of Red Hood might bother DC comics purists, however, the series does a good job at explaining why its happening.

“Titans” still needs some work, but, from the available episodes, it is in much better hands, and is easily noticeable. I am not completely sold on certain casting choices. Barbara Gordon and Bruce Wayne for example, although they do move the story forward when called for, I still have trouble seeing them as their characters. Curran Walters Steals the show, and shows us exactly what it’s like to be Batman’s sidekick. From his pain, anger, and what it does to his mental state, we see him change from Robin to Red Hood, and the reasoning he has for doing so.

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“A Death in The Family”

The series is a good watch, and I look forward to seeing some surprises from the available episodes pay off. To see the Batman Mythos explored in such a way is refreshing. The consequences of being a hero in this world are showcased in a way that makes the audience not only sympathize, but also empathize. Good stories make the audience feel emotions, relate to the characters, and invest in the outcomes.

“Titans” does a great job at making us feel, for better or for worse. Although thematically remaining the same, and continuing the stories from the past two seasons, but, in a much better way. “Titans” delivers one of the best Batman/Robin stories on screen however, the show needs to remember that there’s more than Jason and Dick in the series. The Other characters have great stories to tell as well.

Score: 88/100

Check Out the IMDB score for Titans Here: www.IMDB.com

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