Title: “Bitcoin Reaches Five-Week High Amidst Strong ETF Flows and Whale Accumulation”

May 20, 2024

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Bitcoin Surges to Five-Week High


Bitcoin experienced a surge, reaching a five-week high amidst positive ETF flows and increased whale accumulation, despite recent price increases.


Bitcoin bulls surprised investors as the cryptocurrency hit a five-week high of $67,700 after facing downward movements. Positive ETF flows and new CPI data contributed to the surge, with increased interest from big firms in Bitcoin ETFs.

Main Points:

  • Bitcoin surged 10.33% in the past week and 4% on a monthly basis, with a 37% increase in trading volume.
  • Whale activity showed significant accumulation, with a prominent whale acquiring 255 Bitcoin at an average price of $65,116.
  • Other notable transactions included a transfer of 2,400 Bitcoin from Coinbase and 770 Bitcoins from Gemini.
  • Bitcoin is currently trading at $67,130.69 with a 54.37% dominance in the market, experiencing a minor surge of 0.01%.


With Bitcoin on a bullish trend, it may reach $68,321 and even surpass $69,000 if the upward momentum continues. Despite skepticism from figures like Peter Schiff, Bitcoin’s resilience and current market trends suggest ongoing positive movement.