Title: “Dora Factory’s $10M Strategic Funding for Decentralized Governance Innovation”

May 23, 2024

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Dora Factory Secures $10M in Strategic Funding


Dora Factory, a leading decentralized governance infrastructure, announced the successful closure of a $10 million strategic raise with the participation of renowned institutional investors. This funding will further accelerate the adoption and expansion of Dora Factory’s decentralized governance and public goods funding technology.


Dora Factory recently concluded a significant strategic funding round, securing $10 million to support its mission of revolutionizing decentralized governance and public goods funding. The investment, backed by prominent institutional investors, underscores the growing recognition and support for Dora Factory’s innovative tech stack.

Main Points

Dora Factory specializes in decentralized governance and public goods technology, offering core products such as Public Good Staking infrastructure, Dora Vota for dGov protocols, MACI for privacy-preserving voting, and Quadratic Governance protocol stack for democratizing public goods funding. The recent approval of a $1 million grant for Quadratic Funding via Dora Factory’s Voting appchain demonstrates the platform’s tangible impact on fostering innovation within the Cosmos Hub ecosystem.

Having raised a total of $17.5 million in 2021, Dora Factory has garnered support from key players in the industry, including Binance Labs and HashKey. The company’s dedication to advancing the global hacker movement and frontier tech innovation has positioned it as a crucial player in the Web3 community.


With a strong focus on research and development, Dora Factory has facilitated over $20 million in grants for startups through its infrastructure. By collaborating with various Web3 ecosystems and continuously enhancing its protocol stacks, Dora Factory aims to empower developers, drive innovation, and expand the adoption of new technologies within the blockchain space.