Title: “Gate.HK Shuts Down Operations and Delists Tokens: Impact on Crypto Ecosystem”

May 23, 2024

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Gate.HK Ceases Operations and Delists Tokens – Crypto News


Gate.HK, a Hong Kong crypto exchange, is ceasing operations and delisting tokens after withdrawing its licensing application with the SFC. The company plans a major overhaul of its platform and aims to resume operations in the future.


Crypto exchange Gate.HK, a subsidiary of Gate.io in Hong Kong, has announced its decision to cease operations and delist tokens. The firm withdrew its application for a license from the SFC on May 22 and will stop new user registrations by May 28. This article explores the reasons behind this move and the implications for the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Main Points:

Gate.HK, which launched in May 2023, applied for a virtual asset trading platform license with the SFC earlier this year. However, the company withdrew its application on May 22 without revealing the specific reasons for this decision. The SFC requires crypto trading platforms to apply for a license by February 29, or face closure by May 31 or three months after receiving notice.

The company has assured users that it is working on an overhaul of its platform and plans to resume operations in Hong Kong once it obtains the necessary licenses. Several other cryptocurrency exchanges, including Crypto.com, OKX, and Bybit, are also in the process of seeking licenses from the SFC, indicating a growing regulatory environment in the industry.


Gate.HK’s decision to cease operations and delist tokens marks a significant development in the cryptocurrency space. The company’s plans to revamp its platform and reenter the market after securing licenses reflect the evolving regulatory landscape for virtual asset trading platforms in Hong Kong. As the industry faces increased scrutiny and regulatory requirements, the future of crypto exchanges in the region remains uncertain.