Title: “Genesis Global Secures Chapter 11 Repayment Approval: Unlocking $3 Billion for Clients”

May 18, 2024

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Genesis Receives Approval for Chapter 11 Repayment Plan


Judge Sean Lane approves Genesis Global’s Chapter 11 repayment plan, allowing them to unfreeze and refund client funds worth over $3 billion in cash and crypto.


Genesis Global, a cryptocurrency lender, has received the green light from the bankruptcy court to repay its creditors, enabling the release of funds held since November 2022.

Main Points

Judge Sean Lane’s decision on May 17 authorized Genesis to begin processing withdrawals and repayments to clients. The court ruling also dismissed Digital Currency Group’s (DCG) appeal, stating that DCG’s claims as a shareholder are secondary to creditor claims. Lane’s decision highlighted the significant increase in Bitcoin’s value during the bankruptcy period, impacting the repayment structure.


With the repayment plan approved, Genesis can now proceed with refunding clients and addressing creditor claims before distributing funds to equity owners like DCG. The court’s judgment underscores the prioritization of creditor claims in bankruptcy proceedings, emphasizing the complex dynamics of cryptocurrency lending and repayment obligations.