Title: “Kraken’s Resolute Support for Tether Amid Regulatory Evolution”

May 18, 2024

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Kraken Exchange to Continue Supporting Tether Amid Regulatory Changes


Kraken, a prominent crypto exchange, reaffirms its support for Tether amidst regulatory shifts in the EU. This decision impacts market sentiment and regulatory trends within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.


Despite concerns surrounding stablecoins like Tether (USDT) and evolving regulations, Kraken has confirmed its commitment to maintaining Tether support in Europe. This move is pivotal in light of increasing scrutiny from regulators and investors.

Main Points

A spokesperson from Kraken emphasized the exchange’s ongoing support for Tether and related trading pairs in the EU, dispelling previous reports of potential delisting. While regulatory changes such as MiCA law have led other exchanges to adjust their operations, Kraken opts to prioritize EUR liquidity while continuing USDT support.

Kraken’s acquisition of TradeStation Crypto signifies a strategic regulatory expansion, reinforcing its presence in the US market. This proactive approach aligns with industry trends and positions Kraken for compliance and growth opportunities.


By standing firm on supporting Tether amid regulatory challenges, Kraken showcases its commitment to adapt to evolving market conditions and regulatory landscapes. This decision underscores the exchange’s proactive stance in navigating the complex cryptocurrency regulatory environment.