Title: “Label Foundation’s AI Music Venture: Pioneering Innovation in Sound Technology”

May 23, 2024

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Label Foundation’s Entry into AI Music Industry


Label Foundation, a leading IT company, ventures into the AI music and sound category with the launch of Signail, an AI sound protocol service, showcasing its commitment to technological innovation and evolution.


Label Foundation, known for its innovative music application TRACKS, makes a strategic move to enter the artificial intelligence industry, emphasizing its dedication to pioneering cutting-edge AI technology.

Main Points

Label Foundation demonstrates its readiness for new challenges by introducing Signail, an AI sound protocol service enabling voice translation. The collaboration with Alibaba Cloud enhances their capabilities, empowering users to create music and voice content seamlessly.


With a solid foundation in software development, Label Foundation and Clesson embark on a transformative journey into AI, aiming to redefine the possibilities of technology and shape the digital future through innovative partnerships and pioneering protocols.