Title: “Numic’s Security Response Sparks Lido DAO Token Price Surge”

May 21, 2024

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Numic’s Swift Response to Security Incident Boosts Lido DAO Token Price


Numic’s prompt and effective response to a security incident led to a surge in Lido DAO’s token price, with no interruption to validators or loss of funds.


The resolution of a security incident involving Numic, a Node Operator for Lido DAO on the Ethereum protocol, resulted in a significant increase in Lido DAO’s token price.

Main Points

Numic swiftly responded to the security breach by erasing all depositable keys to zero, ensuring the safety of the mainnet validators. The collaboration between Numic and Lido DAO contributors played a crucial role in addressing the incident without any financial losses or disruptions to validator activities.


The successful implementation of precautionary measures by Numic not only protected the validators but also boosted investor confidence, leading to a surge in Lido DAO’s token price. This incident underscores the importance of swift and effective responses to security threats in the cryptocurrency space.